Andy Speaks: Life is a Journey… Travelling is a Collection of Memories


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I love to travel. Ever since I was a little kid I dreamed of going places. I guess the great feeling of travelling was due to the fact that when I was a kid, I looked forward on going to yearly vacation with my family on our province in Iloilo. I remember travelling in plane before was a luxury and so my parents has to split the cost between travelling the plane and ship. Unlike today that you have to wait for a piso fare and you will be able to travel across the Philippines cheaply especially if you plan it ahead three to six months in advance. My first experience travelling the plane and going to Iloilo was when I was 3 months old. I was baptized in Iloilo due to insistence of my lola who believe that babies like me back then need to get baptized because travelling is not allowed in newborn babies 😛

Growing up, I used to remember that I love strolling inside the ship with my dad. I love watching the waves and the islands we pass by, roaming through the bridge and tail end of the ship. I was always engrossed with his stories of islands we saw, fishes and dolphins in the sea, the color and depth of the sea, the people who manned the ship and how the ship works. Those stories fueled my curiosities and my dreams for travelling. I can still remember the thrill of counting the hours and minutes before our ship arrive in port of Iloilo or counting the minutes once the airplane descent to old Iloilo airport including with anticipation of seeing our jeep-loads of relatives meeting and fetching us. If you asked me what was my favorite place when I was a kid, it was seeing a port or an airport which I still love to see even up to day.

My mom used to tell me that I got my father’s wandering feet. My dad is always going to places and even in his early fifties still discovering new places in United States, South America and Carribean Islands. After all these years he never tires of recounting his stories in the foreign lands and places he went to. I love reminiscing my trips to different places in the Philippines with my friends in tow. I can go with anyone who wants to travel and experience adventure in different places. I remembered going to these places:

  • Beach trip on Puerto Galera and my almost near drowning experience with my college friends 😛
  • going to Marinduque Island during peak season Holy Week and wrestling for seat in RoRo vessel with my classmates in Masteral
  • going to Boracay, beach bumming and indulging in its whites sands with my former co-teachers
  • going to Palawan Underground River (when it wasn’t too crowded)
  • Going to Camiguin’s volcanic landscape, Cagayan de Oro’s adventure filled activities, Bukidnon’s vast pineapple plantation and have a time of our lives trying the longest zipline with my HS friends
  • Visiting the mysterious and beautiful islands of Coron – minus the nerve-wracking boat ride to Malcapuya island
  • sleep in airport and spend weekend in Albay and Naga with my officemates, then going back to office on Monday morning still languid from our trip
  • going to Zambales and Antique with Nins
  • Visiting Iloilo and backpacking in Guimaras Island with my sister and cousins.
  • Squeezing daytrip tour at Bacolod with Nins and our friends and then going back to Iloilo in the evening

I used to remember how I enjoyed my hard earned money with my travels. I love the fact that I enjoyed my single life because of my travels and adventures. I never regret having spent much of my younger years exploring and travelling. Finding the direction and getting lost was part of fun travel with friends. Sometimes I go on spontaneous trips with my high school friends. Our first Mindanao trip was not planned and it was out of a whim which turns out to be the most memorable trips I had. It was fun seeing new places and trying out foods and adventures (travel tale details that I will post in the future).

Now that I am married and with a kid, me and my hubby still wants to travel in the Philippines and outside the country. Ever since we got hitched, we were able to travel locally twice a year. But this 2015 our travel plans were put on-hold since we are still recuperating from our home improvement expenses and still saving up for home furnitures and appliances. In addition, we made way for other career priorities. Nins will be taking his testing certification and I was also prepping up for my licensure exam so our travel plans may resume next year. The exams will eat up some of our budget but we believe that once we passed these exams we would benefit a lot and improve our career and opportunities. Aside from that I fully support Nins’ decision on taking up his exams to achieve his goal and plans. We can always travel but we need to take care of our career growth so that we can afford on saving up for our dream destinations.

Now that I have a kid, I want him to experience the joys of travelling. I want him to experience the same thrilling and exhilarating goodness of being a wanderlust. I want him to grow up experiencing visiting historical places, theme parks, ocean parks, camping under stars and waiting for meteors and aurora borealis, soak in the sun and beach, eat native and exotic foods, visit museums and appreciate artworks, lie on the sand and have the time of his life, and climb a mountain and conquer the peak of the world. I want to open his eyes that travel memories cannot be taken away from you but can help you grow as a mature and independent person. I want my son to know what my dad taught me early on in life. Some greatest lessons in life are not acquired inside the school but learned outside the classroom which includes travels and real-life experiences.


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