Andy Speaks: My Grateful List for Today

Being grateful is a habit. According to some books, if you start a grateful journal and wrote in minimum of five things you are thankful for, your perspective in life changes. It makes you happier and contented. In this age of social media technology and access to different information, sometimes it tempts you to want more than knowing how blessed you really are.

First, is I have a husband who drove me to bus terminal earlier. I was able to arrive at the office early (around 6:37 am) and was able to list down all the tasks and activities I need to do for today. I appreciate my hubby’s effort when he’s driving me to office for work and when he waits for me at the end of work day. It was a trait of his I love even when we were starting to date. He never gets tired of fetching and/or driving me to work. He always told me that he like seeing me going to work and picking me up afterwards. It makes him proud seeing me in my formal office wear daw.

Another is I am thankful for my mom-in-law who cooked our baon for office. We didn’t require her to wake up early but she says that instead of lying down while waiting for the sun to rise, she would really like to do something with her hands. So she cooked our baon and was already up since four in the morning. I am also thankful for her effortfor taking care of my son. I am a working mom and I have to admit I need an assistance to do tasks at home and someone to look after my son. Hubby and I are afraid to get a househelp since there were so many horror stories on helpers that made us wary of leaving our son to stranger. Aside from that, my mom-in-law volunteered herself on helping which I am very thankful.

Another is my son who woke up early this morning and wasn’t in bad mood when I said my goodbye for the day. He grows up fast and talks a lot. It makes me proud that he is not throwing his tantrums when I am going to work in the morning unlike last year that I have to wrestle with him or sneak outside to go to work. He can understand that mom and dad has to work and he needs to be in his best behavior with his lola. This is the reason I prefer going to work early is to at least spend more time with my son in the evenings.

I am thankful for the hot cup of coffee that rouse me from my half stupor after my commute. Over the years, I accumulated the habit of taking cups of coffee early in the morning. I don’t know how it started but having a cup of coffee in the morning perks me up and sometimes it became my comfort drink when its drizzling or when cold weather arrived in “Ber” months. Sometimes when I want to indulge myself, I get myself a tall white chocolate mocha coffee at Starbucks to cheer up my morning.

I am also thankful that the bus going to BGC is early and the line was short, I was able to commute faster to my office and I was able to sit which is too seldom due to volume of commuters going to BGC during rush hours. I made a habit of going to office early to avoid the rush hour, traffic and long lines in BGC bus.

And because I was able to arrive at the office early, I am thankful for the nice warm day that I took my leisure walk instead of hurrying up when it rains or when I am rushing going to office. The walk from bus stop to office was short but I love the warmth of early morning sun when walking. I get to have my natural vitamin D 🙂

I am thankful for listening to my favorite radio station 99.5 especially on Thursday. Every Thursday the station plays nostalgic songs from 90’s and early 2000’s that I was able to hear my favorite song from Michael Buble (My Everything) and Jason Mraz (I’m Yours)… Also add up the early songs of Maroon 5, Nsync, Backstreet Boys and soundtrack from 90’s movies. It makes me giddy and enable to reminisce my high school and college days. The songs from Jason Mraz and Train reminds me of times spent with Nins and attending concerts when we were still dating. It makes you feel good about yourself and cheers you up. Sometimes you want to dance in the office while listening. I also love the radio station 98.7 which plays classical music from Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and others. It soothes you and I like their 9-10 AM program with Bible verses and gospel words which inspires and uplifts your spirit early morning.

Thankful that I was able to start early and finish my admin tasks since I was swamped with meetings yesterday. Most of my meetings are completed yesterday. I have a half day to complete my paper works and admin task. The remaining meetings are for status updates on projects that I handle. Since I arrive in the office earlier than usual I can go out early in the afternoon to avoid the traffic later in the evening.

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