Starting Over Again :)


I’ve been doing the writing since 2009 but I wasn’t able to keep up with my entries due to my busy and demanding schedule (actually it was more of availability of Internet connection :P) Anyways, I have started a travel blog last 2012 but again due to my ever conflicting time constraint I wasn’t able to keep up with the blog (but it is still running naman… yun nga lang my last update was Sept 2014 pa). My travel blog contains all my past experiences and travel tales I want to share. My husband told me he loves it that I can consolidate my thoughts into one story. He even encourage me to write more since it became my avenue for releasing stress and frustrations. But don’t worry my entries won’t be about rants and frustrations. I want to inspire and continue my quest for enjoying God’s direction on my life’s journey.

Writing is good. It allows you to think, consolidate your thoughts, remember the details, be creative and vent out any stirring emotions. I used to remember I love to write since High School. I prefer English Literature and History because I like writing and supplementing information in my term papers and essays. I feel most proud when I get high grades in my essays and short stories. Even in college I enjoyed taking minor courses in Literature and History because of my love for reading novels, historical events and inspirational books. I even considered taking up Communication Arts in College but due to my limited school funds and limited choices of schools here in Laguna, I end up taking Information Technology (at least related dun sa word na information 😛 and I’ll share the story in my future entries). Going back to writing, I know I like to write because I still have compilation of notebooks with my authored poems, thoughts and scribbles. I even kept diaries, planners and my dream notebook. Actually until now, I still have a personal notebook, grateful journal and dream journal. It keeps me sane and helps me to think creatively. When my hubby tidies up our drawers and cabinets, he would wonder what I am going to do with some of blank notebooks I kept or planned to write in. Over the years, I still have fancy notebooks that I plan to write but never found the time to do it. In addition to writing, I love to read and sometimes those ideas while reading kept pouring into my writing thoughts. Before I can keep up on writing a daily journal. Re-reading them made me laugh because I can’t believe how my habits changed. Even the mundane tasks were included in the journal. But I just realized one thing in my writings even way before… I love to dream and I have big dreams. Some of them were already fullfilled and some are still waiting to happen. I believe in God’s time those dreams will be granted. One step at a time and patience.

For the longest time I wanted to keep up a blog which I can sustain. Hopefully this time, I would be able to do it. So without further introduction welcome to my musings and wandering tales.


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