Andy Speaks: Picture says a thousand words…

Lately I like arriving in the office earlier than usual. Not only I get to organize my thoughts before doing my task but I get to indulge café mocha and white choco mocha on cold mornings. Another is I enjoyed working alone in the office minus the noise and the crowd especially on mid mornings til afternoon. By the time most employees arrive, I am half way through my task and will do the meeting after lunch and later in the afternoon.

Ever since it was a daily habit of mine to read the today’s news. Not only the local news but I like getting information on international news and other topics of interest to me. One thing that catch my attention these past few days was the European Migration crisis that is escalating due to influx of refugees and migrants seeking asylum due to civil war in Syria, Libya and other African countries. There are reports of number of overcrowded boats capsizing in the Mediterranean seas and people are risking their lives to flee from war torn areas in Middle East and Africa. Most of them are looking for ways to avoid the conflict and seek better life for their family.

Just today I saw on news a picture of a drowned child in a holiday resort in Turkey. The kid is 3 years old and from Syria(almost similar age with my son). Based on the story, the father who survived the capsizing, he brought his family to Turkey to escape the ISIS violence in their country. After their Canadian visa application were rejected while waiting in Turkey, they resorted on heading to nearby island of Kos in Greece. The risk is great but I cannot blame the father for seeking opportunity and chance to live a normal life with his family. My heart bleeds seeing the picture of the toddler. I can’t help but get affected, because I am a mom. And most parents dream on giving their children a better life and if possible shield them from hurt and pain. I believe I am not the only one who was affected by the picture. Since the picture was released in newspapers and thru social media, it sparked the true nature of crisis. EU is struggling to address the migration crisis.

Here is the excerpt from father’s statement on his loss

“My kids were the most beautiful children in the world, wonderful. They wake me up every morning to play with them. They are all gone now,”

Pasted from <>

Another challenge for EU is since the countries in Europe are adjacent to one another, most migrants opt to take their chance on embarking a new life free from violence and reunite with their other loved ones. It was a risky journey and most of the time when migrants arrived from their destination some of their family members were lost on their journey either from displacement, drowning and disease. I had to agree with Pope Francis on his message that EU should be hunting and chasing down those people who thrived on exploiting these migrants. Due to desperation some migrants are willing to shell out huge sum of money just to get out of the country and illegal human traffickers are using migrant’s desperation as a way to earn money. Last week a news on European Migration crisis that there were 71 dead people (60 males, 8 women and 3 children) found in an abandoned poultry truck going to Vienna, Austria. It crossed border from Hungary and people were squeezed in the truck for smuggling. The police found out the abandoned truck and was shocked to find dead bodies inside. The people inside was suffocated while on its way to Austria. It was gruesome and heartbreaking.

The migration crisis in Europe was far greater compared to World War 2. The number of people crossing Europe is already in thousands and each day, the numbers increased. I can’t help but pity these people and if European nations would not be able to address this, the continuous deaths and influx of migrants cannot be avoided.

My prayers to those people who drowned in Mediterranean trying to seek a better life and been exploited by human traffickers . I pray that there is a solution to this problem. And to Aylan Kurdi, who was the toddler who drowned in Bodrum, Turkey…. I pray that you are now in heaven with angels and our Lord Almighty.

Here are the links of the news:

P.S. I did not post the picture, I just provided the links where I found the news. It’s too heartbreaking for me. 😦

For those who want to make a difference even they are miles away, you can also visit UN Refugee Agency site to make a donation


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