Gastronomic Delights: Our Two Favorite Coffee Spots in Tagaytay

If someone is looking for a quick getaway in Manila, the perfect spot for doing it is in Tagaytay. Not only it is few kilometers away in Manila , but the scenic views, the gastronomic delights and cool weather makes it a great getaway with family and friends. And now that “Ber” months has arrived, hordes of people will be going up to Tagaytay to enjoy the cool weather and strolling. The traffic will be much more horrendous compared to ordinary weekends.

I think we are blessed that our home is just a short drive away from Tagaytay. Sometimes on a weekend whim, hubby and I loves to visit and chill in Tagaytay with our baby in tow. Hubby loves the cool weather (he even dreams of going to places with snow and while we are dreaming of snow, the cold weather in Tagaytay will make up for it ;)) andI on the other hand, likes visiting Tagaytay for its wet market of cheap buys of beef, fresh veggies, herbs, fresh cow’s milk and yummy desserts.

One of our favorite activities in Tagaytay aside from searching and eating on great deals in restos, we like chilling and hanging out at coffee shops. I know when coffee conversation pops up everyone can think of Starbucks as the main coffee shop in Tagaytay. I used to remember, years ago Starbucks Tagaytay was the nearest joint you can find aside from Alabang Town Center. But time has changed and there are soooo many Starbucks store opened across Laguna. One in SM Sta. Rosa, one in Paseo de Sta. Rosa and two in Nuvali. So if one plans to visit to Tagaytay just for the Starbucks, they might as well drop by with nearby places and save time from the traffic. The Starbucks coffee tastes the same in Tagaytay but the long lines and full parking in Starbucks Tagaytay tells me its not worth wasting my time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no coffee connoisseur but I like Starbucks especially on weeklong stress at work but during weekend, I want to try something else 😉

Since hubby and I doesn’t like long lines, we opt out to visit nearby coffee shops in Tagaytay. Not only we are looking for cheap coffees but also a place to relax without all the drones of people talking and shouting. There are two coffee houses that I loved going especially on rainy weekend in Tagaytay.

  • Bag of Beans – I got introduced to Bag of Beans Tagaytay while strolling with my former officemates . Bag of Beans’ original location is on Mendez Tagaytay and way past Mushroom Burger. Not only their coffee tastes great but their array of breads and pastries makes it perfect place to eat brunch, lunch and coffee in the afternoon. When they opened their second branch in Tagaytay Rotonda, hubby and I frequently dines there and buys their famous straight-from-oven raisin breads. Aside from coffee and breads, Bag of Beans offers rice meals, pasta, sandwich and salads. The price range for their food is around 100 – 500 pesos. Since the place is already well-known, weekend peak hours can be full of customers. So better arrive there early or you’ll have to wait for a few minutes to get seated. Most of their patrons are families spending the weekend in Tagaytay and friends doing their catch ups. My favorite coffee and dessert combo in Bag of Beans is their café mocha and blueberry cheesecake.
The Bag of Beans menu

The Bag of Beans menu

The interior

The interior

Our breakfast and coffee with the scenic view of Taal

Our breakfast and coffee with the scenic view of Taal

Their heavenly coffee... perfect for the cold mornings at Tagaytay

Their heavenly coffee… perfect for the cold mornings at Tagaytay

  • Java Jazz café – I discovered Java Jazz café through my sister who used the café for posting their art displays while she was taking her majors in Digital Fine Arts. She told me that their coffee was affordable and delicious. Though not located in scenic spots in Tagaytay, the quiet humdrum of place and the scattered paintings and artworks in the café makes up for a relaxing place to hang out. It was far different from the usual Starbucks scene. In addition, you can purchase the artworks displayed in the café. Hubby and I loves to visit this place especially if we want to avoid the crowd in Tagaytay. I also love the place because I am an art enthusiast as well. I get entertained on looking at the artworks and paintings displayed across their shop. Their brewed coffee and chocolate cake is delicious and cheaper compared to nearby coffee houses. The price range for their food is around 80 – 300 pesos. Aside from coffee and desserts, they also serve sandwiches, rice meals and pasta. The store is open until 11pm (because I asked their staff once because hubby and I wants to stay longer ). The location of the coffee house can be seen prior to visiting Picnic Grove and Palace in the Sky. Another thing I like about the place is that the staff serving the coffee and food are nice and accommodating. For someone who is going to Tagaytay on a budget, why need to break a bank if you can find a good coffee house to satisfy your caffeine fix?
  • 20140417_204951
Their delicious white chocolate mocha

Their delicious white chocolate mocha

During our visit, beautiful framed pictures are displayed across the cafe

During our visit, beautiful framed pictures are displayed across the cafe

For more information on our two favorite coffee hangouts, you can also visit their sites 🙂

Bag of Beans

Java Jazz Coffee


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