Can’t Miss Events: “Surprise” Baby Shower at Rowenas Tagaytay

Tagaytay is haven for gastronomic delights. With Tagaytay’s landscape blessed with bountiful harvest of vegetables, coffee, fruits and fresh supply of beef and fish, you will be rewarded with pleasant food experience. We weren’t planning for a venue for our surprise baby shower to our friend but fate must have intervene to held it in Rowenas for our intimate get together and baby shower.

One of my favorite restaurant in Tagaytay is Rowenas. During the early days, they were known for their delicious tarts and coffee but their place evolved not only as pasalubong store but also as restaurant. My first visit in the restaurant was in March 2014, when my parents invited us for a road trip to Tagaytay to test drive my dad’s newly purchased van. During weekends, Rowena’s is packed with customers and cars lining up for their food.

Last week, me and my high school friend Mommy Bhey planned for a surprise baby shower for our dearest friend Lyn. Our friend is expecting twins by November and we are excited for her. Since her birthday will fall on weekend, we planned to have a double celebration of baby shower and birthday. We connived with her husband Aries for a planned surprise. We were secretly communicating via phone and Facebook messenger. Unfortunately for us, since me and my friend we quite busy in our work, we were able to discuss fully during Friday Night and Saturday morning. Another setback that we encounter is that Lyn’s husband told us that they were invited for a birthday and despedida dinner by their family and relatives. Since our surprise baby shower date was set, we planned to surprise them earlier so that we will be able to catch them before their planned event in the evening.

My husband, Mommy Bhey, my son and I drove to Tagaytay after lunch, thankfully traffic was manageable going up to Tagaytay. Unfortunately, when we got to Lyn’s house their househelp told us that the couple was not in the house. We frantically called Aries to tell him that we are already in their house. Since we were rushing to get to Tagaytay in time, we weren’t able to prepare for foods that we plan to bring to the potluck so we decided to visit Rowenas Café since it was just beside my friend’s subdivision.

We informed Aries to drop by at the restaurant and we will do the celebration in the restaurant. We chose to sit outside just beside the pool. The air was fresh and we have the area all by ourselves. So while waiting for our friend, we ordered food. Hubby ordered Beef Tapa and rice, I ordered Pancit Bihon (good for 4-6 persons) and lumpiang ubod plus fruit shakes. Mommy Bhey wasn’t too hungry so she ordered tarts and softdrinks. What I love about Rowenas aside from the food is the quality service their crew has provided to us. Kuya Martin (our serving crew)is patiently getting our additional orders and requests.

When Lyn arrived with her husband, we were laughing because she already knew that we were in the area. She told us that she saw our car in the parking lot so she had a hint of who will they meet in the restaurant. Her husband keep insisting that it was coincidence and they were there to meet “his” friends. So we told Lyn that it was supposed to be a planned surprise baby shower but since our friends cannot make it we decide to go visit her and give our small gifts to her upcoming twins. The thought was appreciated and we all settled in our chosen spot in the restaurant. Since their planned dinner with their family is set, we had to enjoy the few hours on catching up. Another surprise is we were able to listen to beautiful string quartet performed in the restaurant. We get to enjoy listening to classical music of Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel and modern songs by Ed Sheeran. After our updates and traded stories, we part ways giving our gifts to Lyn and Aries for their twins. Since the time was too short for our stories and “gossips” we decided to have a part of two of our “surprise” baby shower next week. We get to enjoy Rowena’s lumpiang ubod (which is by the way one of the best tasting lumpiang ubod I had in months). Mommy Bhey was able to take home the remaining pancit bihon and my son enjoyed their bihon and blueberry tarts.

The snapshot of our get together at Rowenas.. too bad we didn't took pictures of the food. We were sooo famished at that time

The snapshot of our get together at Rowenas.. too bad we didn’t took pictures of the food. We were sooo famished at that time


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