Can’t Miss Events: Manila International Book Fair 2015

One of my favorite hobbies during weekends is to curl up with a book and listen to music. Now that I have my kid, reading on my own is a luxury I would call… but to manage my time with my son and favorite hobbies, sometimes I read books with him and/or read aloud while reading and my son is playing. Not only it saves time but my son gets oriented on reading and we get to bond more.

I know from my previous feeds in Facebook, that Manila International Bookfair is held yearly and all sellers, distributors, major bookstores, local and foreign publications participates for the event which makes it a hit with students, professionals, bookworms, bibliophiles and collectors. For the longest time I always plan to visit the yearly book fair but it always coincides with other activities in the past. Another is I love bargain hunting for copies of books I like and titles that generates my interest. I love to go to warehouse sales and bargain bookstores for cheaper prices. Getting a bargain and/or discounts feels like I found a treasure beneath piles and piles of books.

This year I was able to attend the Manila International Bookfair 2015. The event was a five-day event from September 16 to 21, 2015. I’ve been seeing a lot of write ups and advertisement in my Facebook news feeds and suggestions on websites I follow. I saw some of my friends who visited the book fair and got best deals so I challenge myself to try it as well. Since my Saturday and Sunday weekend schedule is blocked off, I decided to go to MOA SMX on a Friday afternoon. I arrived in the office around 6 o’clock in the morning so I can go out at around 4 o’clock in the afternoon. I commuted all the way from BGC, then rode a bus going to MOA. I just noticed that even in early afternoon buses are full and the number of buses plying to the route are few. Thankfully halfway through the ride, a gentleman offered me the empty seat while the rest of guys were standing in the middle of the bus. Another blessing is the traffic is not that bad so I was able to reach MOA before 5o’clock in the afternoon. I took a quick snack of my favorite chicken taquitos and proceeded to SMX.

Upon arriving at the book fair, I was overwhelmed by the number of books sold. I don’t know where to start so I just start walking and browsing titles for different books. I saw students, professionals, teachers and bibliophiles . I also saw parents like me who are looking for best deals in titles and educational toys / materials for their kids. I tried to browse in major bookstores to check if there were any best deals and then shift to small publication houses which also sells books for cheaper prices. After few minutes of browsing and going through different kiosks, found some of the titles and best deals for me and my son.

Here are some of the great deals I found at Manila International Bookfair 2015 at SMX Convention Center

Here are some of the great deals I found at Manila International Bookfair 2015 at SMX Convention Center

Overall the experience was really great especially if you are a book lover looking for great deals. Another is for first timers like me looking for best deals was overwhelming. There are many publishing houses and book dealers in the fair. It would take some time for you to be able to determine which of the publishing houses you want to check out. What I did to save time is to roam around the place first and then browse with titles. I steered away from major bookstores because their discounts only ranged from 20 – 30 percent compared to other publishing houses that offers 50 – 70%. The total amount of my purchases for my son’s books were less than a thousand pesos.

Next year, I really like to comeback and check out more rare and good finds titles. 🙂


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