Gastronomic Delights: You’ve Got Baked Cafe

Nins and I love going out every weekends. When time and budget permits we usually go out late in the afternoon and eat out . Since both of us are working, weekends for us is a treasured days. This is the only time we can go out for errands, do marketing, buy groceries, fix and arrange the house and dine out and spend time with our baby. Another is weekends is also reserved for catching up with our families and friends during lunch and/or dinners together. Even when I was still single, my family loves to go out during weekends and during special occasions. So when Nins and I have free time during weekends, we love to go out and bring our baby to nearby places here in Laguna and Manila.

I must admit sometimes I looked for a place where to hang out, I like to take our time eating and feel cozy. Nowadays, mall restaurants are full especially on weekend peak hours and finishing your meal is time pressure especially when someone is behind your back waiting for you to get finished and mumbling to hurry up. To be honest, I found it rude and annoying, so usually as much as possible we avoid the mall if we want a cozy restaurant and a place to chill. Another thing is I don’t like it when crews and staff were not doing their job. There was an instance that we are craving for a special pasta dish in Alabang Town Center and we were left standing in the middle of restaurant without any staff or crew attending to us (we found it annoying too!)

With our previous experience, Nins and I made a quest of looking for affordable restaurants wherein we can enjoy quality time, catch up on our reading and ensure that our baby did get to enjoy the place (in short, an adult and child friendly restaurant). One Saturday afternoon, he decided to pass up on going out since he didn’t get enough sleep last night (due to work deadline on their release). My parents, sister, son and I went on driving around Nuvali but since the parking is full and the restaurants are crowded, my sister suggested to visit their favorite coffee shop and restaurant hang out in Laguna Bel-Air. So my dad drove us to Bel-Air and my sister pointed out the direction of the quaint coffee shop. The coffee shop is found on the main commercial road of the subdivision. Once we entered the coffee shop, we fell in in love with their interiors. Their menu consists of coffees (of course!), cupcakes, pasta dishes, sandwiches and teas. The interior of the shop is very inviting and cozy. There are cozy chairs with pillows to sit in, board games to play (best for bonding time with friends and families), book shelves are strewn around the shop for customers to enjoy while sipping coffee and eating cupcakes (best way to catch up on reading). I was tasked to order our food, I ordered cupcakes, coffee for us and I sampled their pesto dish. I got back with my son and sister happily doing the color books and board games. And while we are waiting for our orders, Mom and I stroll inside the shop (since it was afternoon, there were few customers inside) and loved their collection of magazines and books. Their book shelves contains best selling titles from Nicholas Sparks, Mitch Albom and J.K. Rowling. There are also young adult books from Baby Sitters club, Sweet Valley Twins, classical novels and Nancy Drew. It was a trip back to the memory lanes with list of books available. What I also love about the shop’s interior is the use of pastel colors and sourcing out of DIY materials for their chairs and tables which adds up to the homey and country side feel. Another thing I love is instead of the usual coffee shop where customers are tinkering their gadgets, the shop is promoting quality time with family and friends using board games and reading books (just like in the old times – 80’s kid anyone?)


The homey and cozy vibe of the cafe


My dad, son and sister had fun with our table with coloring books and board games underneath the table.


The nook that contains shelves of used best seller books for everyone

Some of my favorite books :)

Some of my favorite books 🙂

Their food is great and the prices are reasonable. Not too cheap and not too expensive that will break your wallet. Overall, we had a great experience on our first dine out here and will definitely go back here. I also inquired with the shop if they allowed holding parties and events and they said that the place is also open for reservations on the place and they even caters for the event. Just make sure to do your reservations in advance.

Foods we ordered

Foods we ordered

Iced coffee ordered by my sister

Iced coffee ordered by my sister

Cappuchino for my dad

Cappuchino for my dad

We also sampled their cupcakes

We also sampled their cupcakes

I tried their pasta dish - Carbonarra

I tried their pasta dish – Carbonarra

And their sub sandwiches

And their sub sandwiches

So for those who are curious about the location of You Got Baked Shop, kindly see the details below:

You’ve Got Baked – Rodeo Drive, Laguna Bel Air 2, Sta. Rosa Laguna

You can also found their Facebook Page for more information on their products and location


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