Mommy Musings: Mommy’s Penchant for Discounts

As a mom, you know your priorities changed once you have a kid. Gone are the days of the unlimited shopping spree and spontaneous trips without any care of budget. Once you become a mom you are always on a quest to find best deals and ways to save and maintain your budget. I know different moms have different ways to find deals and savings especially when it concerns on your family.

In addition, I found some useful tips while attending the Financial Stewardship seminar in our church in CCF Muntinlupa. There I learned that looking for ways to save and find best deals does not only relies in your own applied methods but also on how to be conscious on how we spend our money and learning to value the financial blessings that our Lord is showering us.

Just to share some of my tried and tested methods for getting discounts and savings (yes for those who knew me, they would react on this, but hey I’m a mom :)):

  • When buying ingredients for dishes to cook, we usually bought it in the town’s market (palengke). I get discounts via my suki (trusty vendor) on meats, fishes and seafoods and vegetables. Not only town’s market is cheaper compared to groceries and malls but the ingredients are fresh.
  • Before I do grocery trips, I usually list down items need for re-stocking in our pantry and refrigerator. Not only it saves time in browsing through grocery aisles but also avoids spontaneous purchases. In addition, I also use my rewards card for additional points. Me and my husband collects the points in our rewards card so by the end of the year, we would be able to use our points on buying our Noche Buena, Media Noche ingredients and homewares promos associated with the use of our rewards cards.
  • When buying furnitures and home ware, usually me and my husband scouts in furniture stores and shops. I also checked if there are any sales and/or discounts during our visit. In addition, we also talked to crews if there are any additional freebies associated to our purchase we can avail. One example was when we bought our refrigerator, we were able to score a free Philips Juicer which helped us save around 3,000 pesos.
  • When buying appliances, we usually pay in cash to save on credit card charges and ask for additional discounts due to cash payment.
  • When looking for affordable staycation and out of town trips, I usually scout in my trusted groupon and/or discount sites. Upon purchase of the vouchers, I usually do quick reservation and check if we can have an upgrade or additional perks aside from the voucher’s fine print.

    Getting a Get Go Discount Card

  • When looking for my child’s shoes, clothes and toiletries, I checked the product’s website if they have special promos and sales.
  • I subscribe to official websites for my favorite brands of shoes, clothes and accessories to avail discounts.20140804_210849
  • I love to go to outlet stores for my favorite brands of shoes and clothes.
  • I go to SnR to buy in bulk for our usual grocery staples such as detergents, cleaning supplies, dishwashing liquid, juices, biscuits, meats and milk. Buying in bulk saves me in time and money.
  • Since I love coffee, I use coupons and avail the special promos in Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Sometimes I asked baristas if there are any upcoming promos on buy one take one and discounts on their featured drinks

I know there are lots of ways to save and find ways to get discounts when buying stuff. Keep in mind that the list above does not equate the totality of whole saving up process. I know there are lots of moms who has their own way of saving and finding discounts.


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