Andy Speaks: On Planners and Plans (for next year?!)

Nearing the end of the year, the promos of planners from various coffee shops and numerous displays of planners dominates the front shelves of bookstores. This is the time of the year where the coffee drinkers increased in numbers to acquire the most coveted planners by collecting stickers and downing large paper cups of coffees and/or beverages. This is the time of the year that coffee shops are full of people from different walks of life and career, lining up for coffees and stickers. I’ve been one of the them in the past and almost every day I bought coffee from my favorite shop to acquire the stickers especially during holiday season.

I am no stranger to these promos and displays. As a fan of planners and diaries from an early age, my need for planners and diaries are tremendous (ok, maybe I was exaggerating a bit :p). I used to remember how I love bringing small planners bought in National Bookstore to juggle up my deadlines and projects I need to submit in order for me pass my college studies. Even in my graduate studies, I love bringing big notebook of planner to list down my assignments and researches I need to turn over for the next week’s class. In the advent of gadgets that offer useful applications for planners and schedules, I still have a penchant for personal planners where I can write in anything and everything that is running in my head. In last few years I’ve tried different kinds of planners I could get my hands on. I had Belle Du Jour planners which I ordered every last quarter of the year to acquire the additional discount cards and coupons, I had Starbucks planner which I gained from downing coffee from get togethers and stress-fueled meetings and I had store-bought planners from Papemelroti, Fully Booked and National Bookstore. I had to admit there is a certain rush from acquiring these beautiful planners but in the end of the day one thing matters… “How did I spent my day and how did I made my day productive?”. And at the end of the year, I keep asking myself, “did I achieved all of my goals I’ve set early last year?!”.

I am not here to criticize all promos that embodies the need for planner. Planners are great way to start the year and will help us from writing down our goals and dreams for the upcoming year. But I’ve seen people who downed liters of coffee and even shelled out tons of money to acquire planner but never found the reason to use their planners. Only great for Instagramming and sharing it on social media to let the whole world know that they are trending. And it doesn’t help that even with the free planner, the goals and resolutions were not being followed. I am not generalizing everyone, I know in this age of social media being part of trending group makes you feel like you are special and getting these planners put up a notch on their image as someone who is “in”. It does not matter what do you like to do with the free planners or the planners you bought or got as a gift. What is important is that you were able to write down your goals and have the mind to accomplish them each day or one at a time.

One thing I’ve learned about planners is that no matter how beautiful the pages and leaves are, how cool the designs are and how big or small your planner is, make sure that the upcoming year will be a year of accomplished goals, gratefulness on big and small things and lists of things and/or words that inspired us to be a better person each passing time. I also learned that in the past few years I’ve acquired beautiful planners and free coffee promo planners, there is only one single planner who made me appreciate life and blessings… with my 2015 Planner bought in National Bookstore to remind me that life needs to be simple and do not forget to thank God for his blessings.


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