Weekends Best Spent: T-House Hotel and Spa – Tagaytay

Last January 2014, we went to Tagaytay City for an overnight staycation in T-House Hotel and Spa. I got the voucher last September 2013 through Deal Grocer and the rates for accommodation for is around 3,700 Php. There is also a promo in the hotel for those who would be able to avail the early reservation. Those who reserved early will get an upgrade suite good for 4-6 people and availability depends on the date chosen by the guest. Since I called up their booking office after my purchase I was able to score the promo for the reservation of January 2014.

We drove up to Tagaytay at around 11 o’clock in the morning. We made our first stop over at Ilog Maria to buy some of our favorite natural products (soaps, shampoos and oils) and took our lunch to Bag of Beans before heading to T-House. Upon arriving we were advised to stay first at the reception area while they are preparing the room. While waiting, my husband, baby and my mom-in-law played the native game of sungka. I, on the other hand was contented roaming around the reception area and browsing shelves for any books of interest.

We were checked in at two in the afternoon. As promised during my reservation, we were provided a suite good for four to six persons. It has two single beds and one queen size bed which is perfect for our family. The room also has an outdoor veranda where we can stay out during the evenings. It also has a nice bathroom with clean basin with Ilog Maria bath products and hot and cold shower. After settling our stuff in our suite, my husband, baby and mom-in-law walk around the area to check on other amenities. It has an outdoor pools, reception area (for the wedding and other events), spa, garden and cottages for guests to use.

During our stay, there was a wedding event but it didn’t stopped us from using the pool and other amenities available to other guests who were not part of the wedding. We braved dipping ourselves to ice cold waters of the hotel’s pool and after some time cleaned ourselves to prepare for our early dinner. My parents in law decided to stay in the suite for the night and beg off not to be included in the dinner since they were still full from our snack. My son fell asleep after playing in the pool, so hubby and I go out to have dinner date. We drove down to Grill by Antonios to have a sumptous Filipino dinner. We ordered grilled chicken inasal and baticolon (gizzards), pinakbet (vegetable stir fry) and callos with rice. As usual Grill by Antonios provided us a delicious dinner and great place to enjoy the Tagaytay weather on a cold January nights. It was good that we were already seated upon arriving at the restaurant since Saturday nights are full of guests.

After our dinner my hubby asked me if I want to stop for coffee on a nearby Starbucks. Upon seeing the number of cars parked and cars waiting for available space, I told him to just drive ahead and we could get our coffee somewhere. Thankfully, while we were already near T-House hotel, I saw Java Jazz coffee house that my sister recommended to me. My hubby parked our car first in the hotel’s parking area and we walked to get our coffee in Java Jazz, we ordered it take out so hubby ordered cafĂ© latte while I ordered white chocolate mocha. The coffee shop is quaint with a homey feel inside. There are few people inside enjoying their coffee and private conversations that you seldom see on known coffee shops. After getting our take out me and hubby went back to our suite. My in-laws and son are already asleep, so hubby and I decided to stay in the veranda for the continuation of our talks earlier during our dinner. After some time we head off to our bed for a good night sleep. I would have fully enjoy our stay in T-House if it weren’t for the wedding event. Some of the guests of the wedding were also staying that night but was a little bit noisier than the usual. I know they were having fun but I can’t help but be disturbed by their noise until midnight and no plans of stopping until wee hours of the morning. So being a rightful guest and someone who wants a peaceful sleep, I called up the hotel’s reception to inform the noise of wedding guests below our room. I am glad the reception did address my concern because before falling asleep I noticed that they already lowered down their voices.

I woke up at around seven in the morning the next day waiting for my husband to come back so we can avail the free breakfast included in our hotel voucher. Hubby woke up earlier to jog around the nearby areas of the hotel. He came back just in time for our breakfast reservation and still sweaty since he jog from our hotel to Palace in the Sky and vice versa. The waitress, let us choose from their breakfast menus of Filipino and American breakfast. We all choose a combination of American and Filipino breakfasts of daing na bangus, skinless longganisa, bread with bacon and fruits which also included orange juices and coffee. Since we still have plenty of time around the hotel, we tried again with their swimming pool and used few hours wandering around the hotel and resort before our check out.

Overall summary of our T-House Hotel experience:

Rooms – well-maintained and the ambiance is very relaxing. The veranda is inviting and can accommodate few people as well

Bathroom – sink and shower area is clean. There is a hot and cold shower (I find this my must-have, since I love to shower in lukewarm water). Another nice touch on this hotel is their use of Ilog Maria products for their free toiletries

Swimming Pool -Swimming pool is maintained and pool rules are enforced to guest. There are crews who can assist you before dipping into the pool. My only comment in their swimming pool is that the water is too cold for us to swim for a few hours. A few minutes dip will do. 🙂

Rest areas around the hotel – There are several cabanas, tables and lounge that guests can use during their stay in the hotel.

Food – There is an in-house restaurant in the hotel and we were able to try their foods by claiming our free breakfast included in our voucher. The serving is ok (by my standards) and you have different choices for availing their breakfast

Service crews / hotel staff – Most of them are accommodating and welcoming. I never encountered any rude staff in this hotel and I have to commend their reception and hotel manager for the warm welcome and for assisting me for scheduling our staycation. They are quick to respond in emails and calls.

Location – the location of the hotel is not that far away and there are few places of interest nearby. It is near in Tierra Maria Chapel, Picnic Grove, Palace in the Sky and Tagaytay Highlands. But just for the heads up the location of the hotel is in the opposite side of the Taal Lake view. Another is that the hotel is located in the main highway in the Tagaytay, so it is not hard to miss the hotel when passing by.

Parking – Hotel parking can accommodate few cars and in case the main parking lot is full, their security guard will help you to find location inside the hotel on where to park your car


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