Andy Speaks: Lessons Learned from “A Second Chance” Movie

Second Chance Teaser

It’s been years that One More Chance movie was shown on the big screen and people were clamoring for a follow sequel. Wishes are granted this November 2015 and the sequel of One More Chance entitled, “A Second Chance” was shown due to insistent public demand (after a few years of request)

Being a fan of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo love team on local big screen, I did not miss the chance to watch it this long weekend with my significant other. Fans of the movie One More Chance were clamoring for a sequel due to open ended question on whether Popoy and Basha resumed their relationship after their tumultuous break up and if there are any chances of getting back together.

In the Second Chance movie, of course they ended up together and start their life on being married couple. What I like about the movie is the portrayal of how two couples started after their wedding, years of being together and tackling problems like most married couples undergo. It was an eye-opener and a movie to ponder on couples who work out their relationship. (Please be do reminded that I am no movie connoisseur but I could not help but analyze their marriage situation and what could be the lessons learned to apply to avoid falling into the trap of situation). During the movie I could not help but comment to myself how their situations can be avoided and learned a lot of things in keeping the love and relationship working. Nins and I even had a discussion after the movie and we couldn’t help but give our opinions. Without further ado, here are some of our observations and lessons that can be learned in the movie.

  1. Popoy and Basha forgot that starting a married life, you should also start working your relationship towards God. – Yes, I am preaching but if there is one thing that I learned early on our married life, it is renewing and both having faith with our Lord. No matter how many problems and challenges you encounter, if both you and your husband has a strong relationship with God, everything will work out for the best.
  2. Popoy and Basha should have taken their business slowly and review if they can manage acquiring different projects. In the movie, Popoy and Basha started their business big. Basha even questioned Popoy if they can still handle the surge of projects. They should have estimated their resources to ensure that all projects are properly monitored and managed. Which is also related in item number 3….
  3. Popoy and Basha should have hired good project manager that would help them in planning for resources, logistics, schedule, number of projects and materials needed for their business… or either each or both of the couple should have undergone the crash course of project management to avoid the mismanagement of budget, projects and materials
  4. Popoy should have communicated with Basha regarding on their business’ problem with their project’s debts. Huge debts in their business can be avoided if Popoy just shared the problem and issues with his wife. If someone new to business have accumulated huge debt and negative profit, it should be a red flag early on and could be prevented to accumulate more debts if address earlier. Popoy secretly addressed the problem with Basha guessing in the dark what could have been the issues at work and business. Just like in any psychology advises and marriage counseling, it is important that couples communicate most of the time. From routines, trivial things and even problems, it is important that couples know everything. Our wife or husband is our source of strength and support in times of challenges and if problems are communicated properly, it can help couples to address and overcome the problem.
  5. Popoy should have supported Basha’s want to continue her work as an architect and should have supported his wife in her dreams. As a couple, it is important the both partners support each other’s dreams, needs and wants. Basha graduated from a good school and a competent architect, she had contributions in the progress of the business early on the movie. Popoy should have supported Basha and should be proud of his wife’s achievements. Instead, it made him jealous and it made him felt worthless because he saw his wife heaping praises from their clients and colleagues.
  6. Having great set of common friends is very important in the growth of couples in the marriage. Having friends is not only good as a shoulder to cry on and somebody to lean on tough times but also someone you can grow up with and appreciate life. It was nice to see the comeback of most of the cast original set of friends from One More Chance and I love how each of the couple’s friends learned from each other situation from different relationship stages.
  7. Pause for a while and review your dreams. It is no issue if you have big dreams and you want those big dreams to happen. In alignment to our big dreams we also need to analyze the logic on how easy to attain the dream and put a timeline on how long it should be achieved. In the movie, I find Popoy’s plan of having a dream house for his wife (which should not be an issue) a good driving force on working hard in his business but he also forgot to pause and re-assess their situation. Everyone wants to achieve their dreams but we need to strategize on how we can achieve it. In addition, it should not be a defining moment if dreams were not achieved on a certain timeline. Instead, as long as you live and as long as you are capable chase for your dreams but also acknowledge where did you made a mistake from preventing your from achieving it.
  8. I commend Basha for sticking up to Popoy despite of all the blunders he made. Instead of leaving Popoy and his mountain of debts, Basha pitched in and help her husband to get back again in their business.

Overall, I appreciate Director Cathy Molina-Garcia’s sequel to the first movie. The movie is a great watch for those who are planning their wedding, those who are engaged, those who are newlyweds and those who are married for years. There are so many realizations and lessons learned to see in the movie. Plus a bonus of having to witness another John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo’s love team in the big screen.


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