Andy Speaks: Thanksgiving 2015

A month from now we will be celebrating another coming year. Another year of chances, dreams, plans, goals, hopes and resolutions. Another year to improve ourselves and try new adventures. The year 2015 for us is full of good memories, new found friends, satisfying career and dreams achieved.

Last Monday (during holiday), Nins and I met up with our D-Group (Discipleship Group) from CCF Muntinlupa. We recently joined last July 2015 and I am very glad to be included in this happy, warm and perky group of couples in CCF. I must admit that Nins and I enjoyed our monthly get-togethers sharing the Lord’s great works and words, parenthood, family, career, grievances, prayers and of course the potluck! In addition, I love to pinch in with the potluck and share my “pa-tsamba” (luck) recipes with the group. The monthly meeting is also helpful to us because it is also our way to de-stress and make ourselves closer to God.

After our stories during potluck and the mini sports fest with our husbands playing basketball, we had our mini-discussion on Thanksgiving. I almost forgot that it was nearing the end of the year and I realized that despite the trials and tribulations our family has encountered this year, there are still LOTS of blessings to be thankful for. Of course Nins and I shared our thanksgiving testimonies last week and I would like to share it here on my page to testify and witness God’s mercy grace on us. Here are they:

  1. I am thankful because this year, we were able to transfer to our new house. We’ve waited for three years to enjoy the fruits of our labor on building our dream house. Hubby did not fail to deliver his word to have a space for my books, kitchen utensils, clothes and my shoes. I also appreciate that my son enjoyed our new place because he has more space to crawl, run, walk and play. I also like our new environment because most of our neighbors are nice and our subdivision is clean. Hubby chose well in selecting a place to raise our little family. I must admit it was not easy to wait and follow up on the progress of our house for the last three years and I am very thankful that God already provided us the home Nins and I dreamt.
  2. I am thankful to meet new friends (the D-Group/Sanity Group) at our church. Nins and I have lots of friends and we are always looking forward on meeting new people in our lives. We are thankful to have met amazing and wonderful couples who also inspire us in different ways and helped us realized that there are no shortcuts or magic formula in building a family, being a husband/wife and being a parent but to trust everything with our Lord.
  3. I am thankful for my career this 2015. Last 2014 was a very traumatic year for me when it comes to work. It came to a point that I had to visit different doctors, hospital and clinics for a bouts of allergies, urinary tract infection, upper respiratory tract infection and even food poisoning due to stress at work. I am thankful that this 2015, I was able to bounce back, improve myself and get the commendation / praises from the managers I coached and helped with their process standards. I realized that whatever happened to me in 2014, God helped me to bounce back and realize that no one is entitled to destroy my principle and beliefs just for the sake of achieving a certification that is full of shortcuts and treachery
  4. I am thankful that this 2015, Nins and I were trying to renew our faith and relationship with our Lord. Despite the trials we encountered, Nins and I were always believing that God is on our side, guiding and blessing us. There are still worries, anxieties and even sadness but it was much easier to address them due to prayers and closer relationship with our God. There are gradual changes on how Nins and I approach challenges and setbacks.
  5. I learned a lot of things this year such as standing up for myself when a colleague of mine was stealing my tasks (I had to confront him personally because of that) which I haven’t done in my previous work, wake up earlier than the usual to avoid the traffic in later hours of the morning and finish my tasks early, be patient with people and time management and awareness
  6. I am thankful that this year that my family is healthy and strong.
  7. I am thankful that this year I was able to visit my favorite places in Iloilo twice in a row.
  8. I am thankful to have a husband who was sweet and caring to me. Even when he was still in night shift before, he would still drive me to bus terminal or meet me up for lunch just to have a quality time together. I am also thankful because despite his busy schedule, he would still make it up to me and my son for a weekend long bonding on our favorite shops, restaurants and places. I always appreciate our bonding moments during our grocery trips, cleaning and organizing the house, playing with Aki and cooking together.
  9. I am thankful that Lord helped us surpassed this year’s challenges in our families and strengthened our relationship. My relationship with my family is great this year and I am looking forward in meeting them again in the province.

I know there are so many things to be thankful for not only for the years’ worth experiences but also on daily events and random people who made our day bright and cheerful. Like what I’ve started this year is on having my personal little notebook for gratitude list and random thoughts that swirling in my mind. Before this year ends, I would also like to thank our families and friends for bringing sunshine into our lives and for making our year the best one. I hope in 2016, there would be another set of success, goals met, new places to visit and enjoy, satisfying career and increased financial blessings.


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