Andy Speaks: Happiness Project for #great2016

2015 is a great year for me and my family. Despite occasional challenges and setbacks, me and my hubby bounced back. I just got back from writing again after a month long hiatus due to busy schedule. Being a working mom is not easy, but I am not complaining. I just made sure that my prioritized task are being done before the end of January (and I was able to do them).

My boyfriend (now husband) gave me a book as a birthday present on my 28th birthday years ago. I read few chapters of the book but I never managed to finish it due to busy schedule and forgot about it. When we transferred to our new house last year and been doing rounds of inventory on our stuff due to upcoming garage sale for our church, I found the book again and decided to read and finish it. Last December 2015 while waiting at the office and at commute, I read the book “Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin and found inspired with her anecdotes and happiness tips.

It was timely that the year was about to end and I decided to try writing my own piece of Happiness Project here in my own blog. Last December I have listed at least 30 items and some of my bucket list for me to follow. So this 2016, I will start living and redeeming my lost dreams, passion and try to start on doing things that makes me happy. So for the next consecutive weeks and months I will try to put my writing into my Happiness Project. Hopefully just like what I started last 2015 on my Grateful Journal, I hope I will able to practice my own piece of happiness project.


And to start off 2016 with my best story of my life… I wrote this last December 20, 2015


And to aid in my writing and musings… I have my free Coffee Journal from CBTL and newly purchased 2016 diary and KJV bible

Looking forward on my greater happiness this 2016!


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