Little Indulgence: Fifth Season Spa – Astoria Plaza

It’s been a long time since I availed a promo on Deal Grocer. Last October 2015, upon checking the promos and vouchers available, I came across the Fifth Season Spa promo. I did not read thoroughly the promo because I was excited to treat Nins for a message near his office so I just reserved and paid the voucher (and it was my major blunder!). I reserved two vouchers from Fifth Season Spa at Astoria Plaza for only 450 Php. It was good deal, right?! (read the rest of my entry)

I gave the voucher to Nins and asked him to call up the spa for a reservation schedule as included in their fine print. What I did not know is that the 225 Php I paid for was only good for services worth 400 Php. Since Nins and I wanted the massage, we ended up paying additional 400 pesos to avail the Swedish massage which cost around 800 pesos on a regular rate. Since Nins reserved the scheduled, he paid additional 400 Php each (he did reprimand me for this. :P). How can I missed those fine print details when my work calls me to inspect and review every single document in the organization??? I even offered Nins to give the vouchers away as a gift so that we would not shell out additional payment for the massage but he would not hear the end of my suggestion so we avail the voucher. Plus, he wanted a massage for break and relaxation.

Around four o’clock in the afternoon last November 25, 2015, Nins and I met at the lobby of Astoria Plaza to avail the massage service. Upon entering the premises, we were entertained by the receptionist and ask us to fill out forms to verify our reservation. After completing the initial requirements at the reception, the spa provided us a couples’ room which includes a bath tub and hot and cold shower for us to use before our massage. I had to admit I really like the room’s ambiance and scent. After showering, Nins and I were lying on the massage beds while waiting for their therapists.

Once the therapists arrived, they massage us starting from the feet, back and head. I must admit I love how my therapists massage my “pain” areas and was relieved from week long stress and sore from walking. What I love about their Swedish massage that it was slow and moderately done which enables me to relax and remove my back pains. After an hour of massage, our therapists let us relax for a few minutes while they served the hot tea at the reception area.


At least we get to have an hour of Spa Treat with great and relaxing couple’s room ambiance

Overall spa experience is great and I appreciate that we had a couple’s room. The room is clean and the therapists are great. But one lesson learned on this experience… READ THE FINE PRINT! But to be honest I had a great time at the spa. So that’s make up for my one mistake 😛


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