Sephora PH No More!

This is the first time I am going to write on my page as pissed off customer….

Last Tuesday, February 02, 2016, I saw an announcement on PREEN Inquirer regarding on Sephora PH website launch. I already read and saw about Sephora makeups in InStyle, Glamour and Cosmo US magazines (and even Good Housekeeping US). Since it was just recently launched, I tried browsing on their site and found items I would like to try based on reviews and recommendations from magazines and other fashion websites. I found two make ups I wanted to try so I signed up on their website, ordered and checked out the items for payment.

Since there are many payment options available on the site, I chose Dragonpay via ATM. I did not use my credit card because I don’t want to provide my card number and personal details. Upon checking out, Dragonpay sent me the payment details within the day and I have until February 04, 2016 to settle the amount with merchant.

After getting the reference number and payment details, I went to ATM the next day to settle the amount. I got a Dragonpay notification on my email stating that I have already completed the payment and just wait for the merchant’s email on the tracking and shipping details. The deadline of the payment was February 04 and I already settled the amount on the morning of February 03. I was waiting for Sephora’s email and confirmation but I haven’t got any response. Then came February 04… I haven’t got any emails from them and I’ve checked my Sephora account to see if the payment was already settled, I found in my account that the payment failed so I contacted their customer service via their message box in the website. I got a response from one of their representatives telling me that my order was cancelled because the item/s I ordered was OUT OF STOCK!

How can it be out of stock when I was browsing in their website from February 2 to 4 and the items I ordered does not have any label of out of stock????

The Sephora representative told me to provide my bank details so I can get my refund thru my ATM. I did not provide the bank details with them fearing that my personal information may be used for other purposes. In addition, they didn’t even advised me that the items I ordered was already out of stock and they cancelled my order without INFORMING me first!

Pardon for my rant but I want to add up why I am quite pissed with their website…

  1. If they just recently launched the Sephora PH website, they could’ve have put a disclaimer or a notice that there might be some items that are out of stock or still working with their website.
  2. I am quite pissed that their website just accept orders and payment without notifying their clients that the items were already out of stock! Imagine from the period of February 2 – 4, the items I ordered were still available on their website. They just labeled the make up as out of stock last February 5.
  3. Another is, since the client already confirmed the checkout and payment for the items, the Sephora inventory should be marked as reserved item to the client and once the payment was confirmed they would prepare the reserved item for shipping.
  4. They did not contact the client that the orders were cancelled! They should’ve asked the client on options if the client would like to switch to another product similar to the amount ordered or even asked the client if they want to cancel the order.
  5. I did not know that there were already problems in my order because no ONE notified me. If I did not follow up on my orders I would not have known that there are issues involved with my order.

I know some people would react on my post and I know compared to others who were scammed by online websites the amount that was taken was just around 1300 PhP (but still 1300++ is still 1300++ and a hard earned money!).

Up to this date I am still working with Sephora on options on how I can get my refund back… worst is that they promised to deliver the refund around 5 to 7 business days… When it comes to payment they would just allow you to settle it for two days but for the refund it would take you a week before you got back your hard earned money.

Another lesson learned on this annoying experience is… it is still best to drop by on your favorite make up counter at malls… you can test the make-up first before buying and if you are not satisfied, you can return it immediately.


As of February 5, 2016, the item I ordered was still available on Sephora PH site.


The Sleek Makeup was just labelled as out of stock just last February 05. I was online for February 3-4 and there wasn’t any single notice that the item I ordered was already out of stock


My order was cancelled just last February 5. They did not even emailed me that my orders were cancelled because they were alredy out of stock


2 thoughts on “Sephora PH No More!

  1. Vanessa says:

    I also just got similar problem. I usually uses my wallet card which work like credit card. But just this time i tried and the payment failed. I asked the customer service via fb mssgr to check on the problem but she just told be to use other method of payment (paypal). I dont like paypal because its complicated pa to connect, so i tried dragon pay. Its failed again! I contacted the CS again to cancel the transaction but its like she didnt even bother to check on the real problem. She just cancel it. I use the same card two days before order to sephora in althea and its work.
    Also usually it works and this time its not and usually their CS also are nice, but the girl name Cryystal isnt so professional in my opinion. I wasnt happy because i always purchase items from them and im a black card member.
    I wish they could fix this kid of problem.


  2. andylovesaandn says:

    Hi Vanessa,

    I thought they are already ok since their launch last February. Ever since my incident with them I did not bother to visit the site nor buy another item again. I really hope that they will fix their issue. I also saw some of their Sephora sites in US do have complaints as well. Anyways, hope your concern with them will be addressed.


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