Mommy Musings: Adult Coloring Books for De-Stressing

This year since I set my planner into putting resolutions and plans. I made a promise to live my life to the fullest by ensuring that I had my work-life balance in my career, family and son, and continue my hobbies I like best. I know at times it was a challenge since I had a full time job and at times had challenges commuting due to heavy traffic and long lines while waiting for shuttle going to work and home. So I made a promise to at least make up time for my favorite stuff and my family. And that is why I go back from doing the Adult Coloring books.

When I was a little kid, my favorite school activity was coloring my book and connect the dots. Eventually while growing up I had this penchant of buying notebooks, coloring pencils and pens to doodle and write anything. Even up to this date, I still have this quirky habit of mine to browse through aisles of notebooks and pens and books for any item that will catch my attention and use it on my planner. Some of my previous planners looked like a miniature scrapbook because of stickers, colorful doodles and different quotes taken from books and online browsing. Hubby sometimes scratch his head in amazement because I can purchase a lot of pens and notebooks in a few minutes of going through the aisles and racks of the bookstore or office supply stores.

Last year while browsing through in Fully Booked section, I happen to see different coloring books for adults. I asked my hubby if he can buy me one of the coloring books. There are different coloring book selections and I chose “The Secret of Paris”, Colouring for Mindfulness. One copy of the colouring book can be a bit expensive, so I tried one book first and ensure to finish all the pages.

The Secret of Paris contains different pages of Paris inspired objects and themes. What I love about the coloring book is that it highlights different items associated to Paris. A good way to imagine yourself coloring your Paris trip, right? 🙂

To add up to my coloring book purchase, I also bought the started set from Faber Castell color pencils to colorize my “Secret of Paris”. Sometimes I don’t notice the time when doing the coloring books. It relaxes me and makes up for the tiring day at work. A page sometimes takes a day (or night) to finish depending on the intricacy of the coloring book images. My only challenge doing the coloring with the color pencils is that since I bought the entry level color pencils, the mixing and matching of colors are limited but I feel accomplished when one page of my colouring book is already done.

The activity also made me appreciate little things about arts and relives my child hood days of sitting in my room doing the coloring books in the afternoon. In addition, what made me appreciate this activity is that it de-stresses you and make you feel like an “Old Master” by putting images to life by colors. So far I had finished a few pages because I had to make sure that my son and husband is asleep before finishing them because I liked colouring without any distractions.

For now I am still aiming to finish my one colouring book before another copy but since I browsed the bookstore on one of “me” days, I also found one coloring book that I love and aiming to collect the Color Your Own series. I chose the Color Your Own Impressionist because I am always a fan of Impressionism art and always in awe with Manet, Monet and Cezanne’s works. I will post some of my finished works in the future output. So there you go another #happinessproject for me this great 2016



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