Update on Sephora PH issue

Last February 2016, I’ve written my experience on ordering via Sephora PH and told on my last article that I will provide any update. As of this March 2016, Sephora did not contact me via email if I already received my refund. I have received their refund but not on the date promised. The Sephora agent promised that the refund of the money will be returned 5-7 business days upon providing the information needed. I already got the refund upon checking my account but no email or call to confirm that refund has already been made. The promised refund took more than 2 weeks and if I’m not gonna email them for updates, they won’t reply or contact me.

The way Sephora PH handled their blunder really sucks. They even have the guts to ask me to rate how did my experience go with them. So to provide the feedback they wanted I emailed them that I am dissatisfied and won’t even recommend to visit their site because of their poor customer service and system.

So to close this issue, yes I already got my refund but I am a highly dissatisfied customer.


2 thoughts on “Update on Sephora PH issue

  1. Min says:

    That’s so sad. 😦 I should’ve seen this blog first before i ordered. But it’s too late! i was so excited to get me some zoeva brushes for my bday… the bday discount and free sample they offered made it even more exciting! But when i was about to pay, payment failed! 😦 I used debit card. I hope they did not charge me! last time i tried purchasing using my credit card… payment failed too so i thought it was just my card. Reading this blog, i suddenly got scared. They might’ve charged me! I wouldn’t know yet because my SOA hasn’t arrived oh no. I hope not!


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