Gastronomic Delights: Early Bird Breakfast Club

Last January 2016, our friends from our church group planned to have a Tagaytay getaway and dinner for the send off for our group’s lead Albert. We agreed to meet at Tagaytay with the rest of our friends. Unfortunately, half way through the destination, we encountered massive traffic going up to Tagaytay. Nins and I contacted our other friends that we might forego the trip due to extreme traffic and we were already hungry.

I told Nins to stop at Nuvali and look for a restaurant where we can take our dinner. He let me choose Early Bird Breakfast Club from the long list of restaurants lining up the Solenad 3. We were first seated on a corner and later on requested to be seated on their “swing” chair on the other side of the restaurant. Fortunately for us our request was granted and we were seated on the swing chair.

After a few minutes we placed our orders: Fried chicken and waffles for me and Beef Tapa with Egg for Nins. The crew told us that our orders will be served in a few minutes. While waiting, we were chanced to meet our friends who were also strolling in Nuvali. Jay and Lady with their baby, joined us for dinner and they ordered Fried Chicken and Waffles and Ultimate Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup.

Upon observing the place, the ambiance of the restaurant is inviting and spacious. The place is best for morning meet ups and brunch especially on a Sunday morning after church. In addition, based on their menu their specialty lies on different well-loved breakfast foods. Their crew is accommodating and quick to respond to our requests.

Once the food arrived, we sampled our ordered dish and I for one did not regret for choosing the Fried Chicken and Waffles. The servings is enormous and filling. The fried chicken is tender and well-cooked. I like the contrast of the sweetness of maple syrup that drizzles the chicken and waffle and the exact balance of fried chicken. I tried a few beef tapa and fried rice and also love the tenderness of the beef and the delicious tapa. It was perfect combination with our ordered juices.

To sum up our first try with Early Bird Breakfast Club, here are my quick review:

Ambiance: Good for family and friends. Even their tables outside are inviting. It was like having brunch on your porch or huge patio.

Food: Food is good and well done.

Price: Tends to be pricier than your normal breakfast but I think once in a while it is a good motivation to wake up early in the morning and treat yourself for a sumptuous breakfast

Service: Crews are nice and friendly. They are also reminding customers that orders may take for a while due to preparation and cooking.

Overall, we enjoyed the food and the place. We would surely go back to try some of their other breakfast dishes.

Here are some of our images:


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