Happiness Project: Review of the First Quarter of 2016

Last year in preparation for my Happiness Project for 2016, I listed down few questions based on the Happiness Project book and list some of my resolutions. I intend to put write it during the start of the year, but since family and work are on my priority list, my happiness project resolutions are just written on my journal and personal notes. So just to recap and review what has transpired for the first quarter of the year, here is my long pending list and notes.

My Personal Resolution for this year are:

  1. Create my personal system for my stuff (50% of achieving it)
  2. Not buying anything that’s not on my list (50% and trying… hahaha)
  3. Cook for friends and/or set up a get together (done!)
  4. Try restaurants that Nins and I don’t usually visit (done!)
  5. Go to bed earlier (still guilty of staying up late while catching up with my reading list and reviewing work related items)
  6. Reserve weekends for my son (60% of achieving it. Since we do most errands during weekends, we try to squeeze bonding time in between)
  7. Go out on a spontaneous date with hubby (in-progress!)
  8. Take a new activity or class (I am still searching for a class – years ago I enrolled myself to a creative writing and speaking class; last year I attended a Financial Stewardship class, and now want to try a new class. Be it a seminar or a weeks long training)
  9. Set a specific location for each our stuff – like for small items like accessories, belts, ties, scarves and bags. I tried working on this during the Holy Week vacation. It took me one whole week to finish the sorting of items for keeping and for dumping.
  10. Continue our tradition (with my son) of reading books before going to sleep (so far been doing this with a little bit of playtime in the evenings)
  11. Organize our photos and keepsakes (one of my project DIY for the 2nd quarter of 2016)
  12. Choose my battles wisely (I am trying to learn when to put up a fight or just let it go)
  13. Limit my social network activities (I do most of my browsing during weekends – weekdays are reserved for work, researches and my son’s bonding time)
  14. Rekindle my “used to be” favorite activity like jogging and biking (still trying to set up time every weekends)
  15. Volunteer in church (I just finished working on my first article for Chronicles :))
  16. Let go of things that don’t have any value any more (Last year I got to donate clothes and books for our church’s garage sale – it will be my second quarter plan to remove stuff I don’t wear and use any more)

Some of my resolution is already done, but it does not mean that I should stop but more likely improve on doing them right this year. Overall, there are still a lot of work to do and a lot of happiness project and activities to put up.


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