Gastronomic Delights: Our Favorite BGC Stopover Restaurants

The BGC Stopover is one of the newest place that offers different quick fix and satisfying food experience in Taguig. Nestled across different office building along Rizal Drive, it has different offerings that may suit up your taste. The location is strategic and convenient for all types of foodies and for those who are working nearby to sample some of the establishment’s offerings. Since we frequented this place, I list down some of our favorite go-to restaurants along BGC Stopover. Do note that there are other restaurants located in the area but the list below are some of our personal favorites due to its affordability and taste.

Shawarma Brothers:

One of my hubby’s favorite joints along BGC Stop Over. Shawarma Bros menu offers no complication. It’s simple menu of different variations of shawarma with affordable prices tend to be a hit with customers. Started before as trailer truck offering, Shawarma Bros offer delicious and affordable meals. We love to order their Beef Shawarma Rice and Beef Shawarma Wrap that comes with a glass of iced tea. You also get to choose the two different sauces. Some might get discouraged with the different aroma and smells wafting outside and inside the restaurant, but rest assured that the food served is perfectly fit as what should shawarma taste. Food prices ranged from 150 – 200 depending on your shawarma preferences and if you want additional Keema on the side.

Tenya Tempura:

If hubby loves Shawarma Brothers, my favorite fixture across BGC Stop Over is Tenya Tempuras. Sitting beside Shawarma Brothers at the second floor level, it offers delicious variations of tempura and a different feel of Japanese vibe. Their menu consist of Tempura Bowls, Basket Set of Tempuras (which in my opinion can be shared by two person) and the group meals. My personal favorite among the list of menu is their Jo Tendon bowl which consist of prawn, crab stick, vegetable tempuras topped with their special tempura sauce. When your order a bowl or basket of tempura, you are also given a complimentary hot or cold rice tea to satiate your thirst (and hunger as well). Food prices for tempura bowls, ranges from 200 -350 pesos, while tempura baskets ranges from 400-550 pesos. The food prices might be a little bit expensive for a tempura fix but it is quite reasonable due to full servings and will leave you satisfied after finishing a bowl or a basket.

Recovery Food:

Recovery food as the name implies is the place of recovery from hunger and stress. Recovery food menu consist of rice bowls and soups of Pinoy and Southeast Asian fares fit to satisfy your tummy and budget. You can also avail two recovery food sizes: a medium or a large bowl. When we tried the recovery food offerings, we tried the sisig bowl and spicy tuna bowl. The medium bowl has generousservings of rice for your road to “recovery”. Food prices ranges from 150 – 300 depending on the size of your bowl preference. Be sure to arrive a little bit earlier since seats are taken by groups during lunch hours.


Yumchee serves delicious Chinese food. Located at the ground level of BGC Stopover, it offers delicious comfort foods ranging from dimsums, noodles, soups and favorite rice meals topped with Chinese classics. The place is spacious and airy, best for get-togethers and catch up with friends. We’ve tried their prawn dimsum, wanton noodles, salt and pepper ribs and their stir-fried beef. For every meal you availed, you may also try to upgrade your drinks for milk tea or iced tea. The food prices ranges from dimsum – 80 – 150, rice meals are from 170 – 200 (and you can add 50 pesos to include items such as vegetables, drinks and soups), noodles and soups from 150 -200 pesos.


Coco Hut:

Coco Hut is a sister restaurant of the famous Army Navy chains. The fixtures, the menu list and restaurant vibes feels like an improved version of the Army Navy restos. Here they offer a different menu which improved the usual Filipino dishes we love to order. Like in Army Navy they also offer All Day Breakfast menu which has the usual staples of Longganisa, Fried Bangus (milkfish), Chicken Tocino and Adobo. Our favorite meals in this resto are their Lechon Kawali with Rice with pork liver sauce and their All Day Breakfast Longganisa Meal. The serving is enough for one person. Their tamarind tea if far different from the familiar taste of Army Navy’s Libertea but also taste good and refreshing. Food prices ranges from 150 – 300 pesos depending on your order.

Hobing’s Korean Desert Café

Still bearing the ongoing heat of summer remnants (it is already rainy season) everyone wants to chill. It was a good timing that we came across this interesting Korean Dessert café on the top of Bonifacio Global City Stop Over building to beat the post-summer heat. Hobing’s Dessert Café offers their Korean specialty called “Bingsu” which is the equivalent of our Pinoy version of halo-halo. Their menu selection have different bingsu flavors from fruits, different kinds of nuts, syrups and chocolates. The prices vary depending on the outrageous toppings and flavors you want to get. Nins chose the Mango Bingsu while I go all out with their Chocolate Brownie Bingsu. The texture of the ice is smoother and creamier. Depending on the flavor of the bingsu, the shaved ice is flavored in milk or chocolate. If you are not a heavy eater, two person can share on one bowl of bingsu alone. I must admit that we did not consider the size of the bowl for its price. The lowest price for a bowl of bingsu may cost you 125 Php and the most expensive would be around 300 Php. The location of the desert café in the BGC stopover is in 3rd floor and it was a nice place for hangout especially if you want a quick fix of chillaxin or just want to have some fun with friends and/or officemates.

BGC Stop Over Pavillion is located at Rizal Drive and 32nd Street. Close to St. Lukes Medical Center and Bonifacio One Technology Tower.


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