Happiness Project: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

I am always a fan of Richard Carlson books titled “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”. The book emphasizes on small tidbits and tips on keeping you sane while dealing with little things that bugs you. One of the things that is keeping us from maximizing our happiness is dealing with our pet peeves and small stuff that drives us crazy. And I have to admit that I have long list of pet peeves for different situations. I know there’s no excuse in flaring up or getting angry because some unexpected situation happen but sometimes you can help but feel exasperated. I could list down a lots of pet peeves like:

  • I really hate it when someone cuts you in the line. Whether while waiting for a bus or shuttle or during payment at grocery lines or offices.
  • I get irritated when I can’t find the stuff I am looking for. I know I am a messy person but I have a mental picture / note where is the last location of my stuff.
  • Sometimes a full blown noise or crowded places drives me crazy; One example is those annoying groups of people who are not considerate while talking in a public transport or laughing loudly even if your music player is already in full volume.
  • I am not hard to please but it ticks me off when I experience poor customer service
  • Sometimes my son drives me to the wall (and ceiling) especially we are now treading the terrible and monstrous toddler years.
  • I hate it when dealing with rude people (same with poor customer service)
  • I like to plan ahead and I had to admit that I hate surprises that will really caught me off-guard
  • It really get to my nerves if I was kept out of the loop on communicating information and/or message
  • I don’t like lending stuff especially if the item/s was not returned to me on a promised date. Since high school days I have to deal with my classmates who is fond of borrowing books or accessories and never returned the items to me.
  • Sometimes an out of stock items annoys me especially when I know I already have the money to buy the stuff.
  • Call me shallow but I also get annoyed when I stumble across copy cats or imitations.

I know I could list a lot more than what I mentioned above and I believe it’s important that even some of these situations can be considered as shallow or a little annoyance, it still generates anger and frustration. Even these little things can keep you out of focus and drains your energy. Anger is a sin that we need to control and ensure that won’t eat up our soul because it affects us.

I know being a working mom, wife and an individual I am prone to sweating big and small stuff (and I must admit, I am guilty of being angry). Being a full time working mom, hundreds of mental notes are running inside your mind always thinking of things that needs to be accomplished and ticked off. When things did not turn out the way I wanted it to be sometimes I used up all my energy on blaming and asking myself why I did not accomplish the intended tasks or activities for the day. Choosing battles is one of the mental preparation I always set and taking at least ten deep breaths to calm myself. Looking back at my old self, my temper easily flares up even on small matters causing discord with other person that I’m dealing with. But now, I always think of the consequences when dealing with situation and as much as possible try to assess the situation if it’s worthy of getting angry and losing myself in the process.

I know pet peeves and annoying situations won’t go and there are times you can’t change the event but still you can change yourself on dealing with situations: 1) Choose your battles to fight 2) Calm yourself and ask yourself if it’s worth the fuzz 3) Laugh on it or get angry… in ending it will still be your choice.


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