Weekends Best Spent: Bag of Beans – Tagaytay

It’s been quite a while since hubby and I decided to visit Tagaytay on a weekend. For these past few months the traffic in Tagaytay is worst and I couldn’t imagine getting stuck in the traffic for more than two hours. I used to remember back in the old days, going to Tagaytay was such a breeze that if you want to hang out have dinner or coffee overlooking the scenic views below it would just take you 15-30 minutes of driving from Santa Rosa. But I guess time has changed and with the booming restaurant and hotel businesses in Tagaytay, it is a haven for people who wants to have a quick break from the metro and breath into the fresh morning breeze.

Hubby and I always love hanging out at Bag of Beans even before when we were still going out as boyfriend and girlfriend. We like to take our early morning breakfast or brunch in Bag of Beans while enjoying the cold fresh air and the ambiance of the restaurant while discussing anything we can think of. It is always our must-stop in Tagaytay after strolling around or after doing our staycation. Now that we are already a family, a visit to Bag of Beans is still one of our favorite activities to do in Tagaytay.

We visited Tagaytay one Saturday evening and miraculously was elated to find that the roads going up to Tagaytay is traffic-free. I suggested to hubby to take us to Bag of Beans for a dinner and coffee. Upon driving to the old branch of Bag of Beans in Tagaytay Rotonda, we found out that it was already closed, so we continued driving until we saw a newer branch of Bag of Bean near Ayala Serin Mall and just a few meters away from Our Lady of Lourdes Church. I was expecting a lot of people inside the establishment since it was a weekend but even though the restaurant was full of customers we were able to score a seat in their patio. I must admit that Bag of Beans not only expanded their place but also upgrade their location for casual dining and hanging out.

Hubby and I ordered our usual favorite staples at Bag of Beans: Beef Stroganoff Pasta and white chocolate mocha coffee for me, Beef Tapa all day breakfast meal for hubby with complimentary brewed coffee and pancakes for our son. While waiting for our food, hubby and son toured the place while I was just simply enjoying the cold breeze outside the restaurant. I think my son loves their fountain so much that he was asking more coins to throw around and couldn’t stop talking during our dinner.

After we finished our meal and settled our bill, we toured the area and found out that they also have a bed and breakfast rooms. The crews gladly showed us the different rooms (I was not able to post photo of rooms because the crews requested not to take any pictures) even though we were just inquiring on the room rates and differences between each rooms. I love the largest room overlooking Taal volcano which is also the most expensive among the three. Hubby and I promised to try their bed and breakfast one of these days. The room rates ranges from 5000 to 7000 php and depends on peak season rates.

I love the new Bag of Beans restaurant not only because of their coffee and food, but also the bigger and spacious area with garden and benches that overlooks the view of Taal at morning and night. Since we went there on a Saturday evening, we are expecting a lot of people but we were able to enjoy the garden bench and swings all by ourselves. We stayed for a few minutes for relaxation and bonding with our son. He was happy playing with the swings and running in the garden. And before we end the night at Bag of Beans, I purchased their delicious coffee beans and freshly baked raisin bread.


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