MommyMusings: A Late Mothers’ Day Musing

I know Mother’s day had already passed and being a mommy I do indulge in this special day. I forgot to post this piece due to busy work schedule. During the Mother’s day, we were billeted at Crimson Hotel to celebrate the special day and also to have a quick relaxation and break in our busy lives. (I will post a separate entry on our Crimson Hotel stay ;))

Like what I am always saying in my entries, that life is a choice and being a mom is also a choice. I think being a mother is a blessing and gift from God. Mothers always want the best for her kids and family. Becoming a mom, it changes your life’s perspective – your dreams, ambitions, goals and plans. But being a mom does not stop you from reaching your dreams and goals, instead you are inspired to take the leap of faith and do your best in order to provide the best comfort for your child and your family.

In these current times, information about motherhood, babies and parenting sprouted like mushrooms from different directions. Tons of information and instructions can be downloaded and listed with the flick of your hand while clicking the “bookmark” or “save” button. I must admit during my early days in pregnancy I had this buying frenzy of getting all the books for pregnancy and parenting plus downloading tons of information that I can grasp on. Later on I realized that no matter how hard I prepared, read and loaded myself with information nothing beats the real experience of giving birth, sleepless nights while breastfeeding and later on spent late nights concocting milk formula for my son and dealing with a growing kid surpassing all the challenges hurdled in his growing years. Later on I realized that no one is really prepared for whatever outcome you will encounter as a mother.

I also realized that I am not a big fan of “famous” mommy bloggers; don’t get me wrong in this one. It’s good they provide their first-hand experience on raising their kids and I like it when there are times I can relate to their stories. But that’s where it ends for me, because, I have this belief that sometimes or most of the products they endorsed is sponsored and given for free. Not unless I became a celebrity mom overnight then I guess I’ll be the first one to flaunt and show my loots acquired for free from generous sponsors. But of course being practical mom that I was, I always weight in thoughts on buying stuff for my son and how long we will benefit from using baby items. I know it may be easy for me to acquire stuff for my kid since I am working but I always consider that there are far more important things to buy (needs vs. wants). Not all brand-new and trending baby items is a must. I’d rather invest and bank on my baby’s experience as his way to learn through life. Though I admit that during the time we were preparing for the birth of our baby, I fell into prey of thoughts that I need a lot of stuff.

In reality what my baby needs is my loving hug, warmth and time. This also applies in raising my kid… instead of attending sponsored workshops and events, I greatly appreciate mommy get-togethers from closest friends and church groups which baby and parenting anecdotes will make you realize that whatever challenges you encounter in raising your child is normal and part of your learnings. I know as a mom we all have differing ideas and opinions on raising our kids but there are few things I always remember; 1) it still nice to ask questions and ask help on your parent’s first-hand experience on child rearing; 2) every child is unique in its own way, you do not need to compare what each child are capable of doing and lastly, 3) I don’t need the world and the social media to judge me how I fit as a mother by just posting and bragging pictures. I know once in a while I still post pictures of my kid but not every freaking day. I do enjoy celebrating my child’s milestones in our own private moments.

In addition, I do not like mom shaming by comparing which are best method for raising up kids either as a stay at home mom or a working mom. Both have advantage and disadvantages but in the end we all different choices which we think are the best for our kids. So whatever outcomes as a mother we are today, we should be proud of our achievements in our children. I just miss the good old times when we can all just summed up what our children’s basic needs and I do not need a hundred list of nonsense just to be a candidate to be the perfect mommy of the year. Trust me, just like any human being mothers are prone to mistakes and bad judgments. But at the end of the day, we mothers have a big heart enough to love everyone in the family (and the world!).

Ok, I may be the Grinch who stole the thunder from Mother’s day but please don’t get me wrong (again)… my intention in this entry is to muse about motherhood realizations and be grateful for having given birth to a baby that me and my husband will love forever. I just want a simple motherhood full of joy and memories etched into my kid’s life that when the proper time comes he will appreciate all the experiences and love we provided for him. I know being a mom is a cool job in the world but also do not forget the effort and help provided by our dearest husbands.

Whether you are an expectant mom, hopeful mom, stay at home mom or full time working mom…. Cheers to us all!


PS: I am always a fan of Heather A. Stillufsen amusing quotes on motherhood and girls’ amazing moments.


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