Gastronomic Delights: Bake n’ Bacon – Solenad, Nuvali

Sometimes on a weekend, me and family loves to go out and try new restaurants in the nearby Solenad, Nuvali. It was a tradition I grew up even while I am still young. My parents loves to bring us in new restaurants around the metro and in our town. Hubby and I loves to eat and when we appreciate the food in the restaurant, we usually go back to try it again. Ever since the new buildings and establishment around Solenad, Nuvali opened few years ago, hubby and I love to try new restaurants or shops along the area while strolling and window-shopping.

One of our favorite recent discovery is the quaint place of Bake n’ Bacon in Solendad 3 building. As their establishment name says, most of their offerings includes a bacon specialty. Be it a fried chicken with bacon rice, a bacon ice cream or macaroni and cheese loaded with bacon bits. The place is modern and industrial design where the shelves are displayed and filled with books and board games. When we first went to the place, I like that they have comfty couches and big tables which you can use for eating and playing – board games offered by the restaurant. The books and magazines are available for borrowing and reading while enjoying your food or for just relaxation. We already visited the restaurant three times and I must admit that I do appreciate their food and service. Most of their diners are family or groups who love to unwind over bowls of bacon rice and/or bacon snacks and most of them bond over board games or having conversations.

Our first try was during their soft opening which we tried their fried chicken with maple syrup and bacon rice. I love the tenderness of the chicken and the sweetness of drizzled maple syrup on top of the chicken. In addition, the bacon rice is a good combination with the fried chicken. We also tried their potato fries and skins with bacon bits. Since we were meeting our friends that day, we weren’t able to hang out longer but promised to go back on another week.

On our second try, we also tried the same food and their hotdog sandwich with bacon. Since my son likes their potato fries and skins, we ordered it also for the second time. Unfortunately for our second time, we encountered snafu with our fries order. It took forever for the fries to arrive because according to the service crew that their fryer has problem and they were still trying to fix it. So we waited until hubby followed it up again. The crews profusely apologized for the delay. Since my son is already hungry and does not like to eat the rice meal and sandwich we just let it pass so that he can eat (though hubby and I were little bit annoyed with the delay). What I did not expect is that since it took them a while to deliver the fries, they gave us a complimentary ice cream topped with bacon. I must admit, I do not expect any recompense on their end and just let the incident passed. I do appreciate their effort on the complimentary ice cream and I really do appreciate that the service crews were apologetic and ensure that their customer is satisfied on their dining experience. That is why… we went there for the third time because I was craving for their fried chicken and fries. 🙂

For the third time, we planned to hang out longer than before and tried their other board games. Since we arrived there a little bit late for lunch and a little bit early for dinner, we were able to choose the comfty couch and table and enjoyed utilizing their board games. My son enjoyed playing their blocks and puzzles while hubby and I challenge each other with card and Scrabble. We did have a great time at their restaurant while enjoying their servings and services.

Overall, what I appreciate in this restaurant are the following:

  1. Their hearty meals of bacon dishes – my personal favorite is the fried chicken and bacon rice
  2. Their cellphone charging station at the back of the restaurant
  3. Their offerings of books and board games. A refreshing change instead of just browsing your phone or laptops while waiting for your order to arrive.
  4. Free wi-fi in the restaurant – if you still prefer to browse online
  5. Lastly, their cheerful and very nice service crews who ensure you have the best dining experience

Bake n’ Bacon is located at:

Unit GFF-30, Ground Floor, Building D, Solenad 3, Nuvali, Don Jose, Santa Rosa, Laguna


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