Happiness Project: Quick Perk Me Up on a Stressful Day

Every day routine sometimes can consume our day. Sometimes with the current work and other activities at home can consume hours and not long enough you realize that the day is over. Being a mommy is a hard work not to mention the other different roles you need to take. Sometimes I must admit when time and activities are really consuming, I get overwhelmed by the number of tasks and decisions to make.

The cause of stress can vary… it can stem in an annoying person you are seating beside while on a commute, getting stuck in a long traffic, a deadline on a short notice, forgotten activity despite listing it in your planner, mood swings, annoying people who cuts in the line, home issues and the list can go on.

You cannot avoid stress and sometimes it is easy if you can go somewhere else where you can meditate and find a tranquil place. But working in the metro everyday can take a toll on your patience and limit. Looking for a tranquil place is a challenge and time consuming unless hubby and I booked a room in a wellness center for a weekend retreat. Of course it is expensive and we need a special date for that elusive relaxation. What do you do to survive the day or week?

When you feel down, overwhelmed, irritated and/or just want to make or feel good without splurging a lot… I always swipe a red lipstick or just a dab of aromatherapy hand gel, a soothing balm to calm me and a quick massage pillow to ease the tense nerves. It is not too expensive or don’t need a schedule with a massage therapist. A quick perk up to soothe your nerves and calm your inner self. Another great tip from our D-group friend is meditate at the middle of the day preferably after lunch to continue what you started in the morning. It also helps to have a daily devotion or personal relationship with Christ. Even a quick whisper of prayer helps us get through the day.

The list might be a quick fix on your stressful day but at least make you survive the everyday minuscule challenges in your daily routine. Always remember to surround yourself with good things to remind you that life is good. It may be a cup of coffee, a de-stressing image, a great book or a picture of your loved one to make you smile and your trusty kikay (vanity) kit to make us pretty.

P.S. I am not in any connected to the products shown. Except that they are my trusted quick-fix stuff in my purse.


Kimochi Pillows to soothe your tired muscles


These are the few of my favorite kikay stuff


A cup of coffee makes a big difference. Photo from H. Stillufsen


Armed yourself with your favorite things. Photo from H. Stillufsen


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