Can’t Miss Events: Manila International Book Fair 2016

This is kind of late post but I am glad to be back on my writing space.

Last year, I already wrote about my first experience on attending the annual Manila International Book Fair and the books I get to take home during my first attendance. Since it was my first time last year, I decided to go back to the yearly event to score great finds at SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia.

This 2016 I did not miss the date to attend and find for best book deals from the annual Manila International Book Fair. Again it showcases books, educational materials, references, teaching materials and spiritual and devotional books from different books stores, local and international publishers, and book distributors. This is the time of the year when book worms and bibliophiles rejoice, and I am one of those who enjoyed browsing and milling around for books of interest for me and great books for my son.

This year I was able to bring my husband, son and mother-in-law to attend the event. Since last year, hubby is curious on what are the interesting finds in the book fair and he decided to check it out this year. We also brought my son, so he may be able to select books that might interest him on the fair. Because our available time is during weekends only, we started early on visiting the SMX Convention Centre so to avoid the surge of crowds and be able to get best deals by scouring and browsing the whole exhibit halls. Hubby challenged me on finding best deals by providing a budget and ensure that I stick to the budget. Last year, the books I purchased was less than two thousand pesos and I was really struggling to carry all the books all the way to bus terminal.

This year, hubby gave me two thousand pesos again and see if I can still stick to the same budget last year. Since I already have an idea on where to find the best deals and to save on time (and save my feet), I already forego visiting major book stores and look for children’s book. There are two booths that I visited and appreciate the deals: First is the MindWerks store which sells different educational toys at discounted prices. I was tempted to buy lots of the stuff in this store because of the great deals but I decided to put a hold on the pricey items. I was able to buy puzzles and board game for my son (which he chose for himself). Next stop is I browsed through Philippine Christian Bookstore which sells a lot of inspirational and devotional books. Last year I was able to buy three books from Zig Ziglar. Then my next stop is my winter wonderland store, The Childrens book booth wherein they sell children’s and adults’ books at great discounts. There are lots to choose from: Children’s board books, activity books for toddlers, toys, recipe books and health references for adults. Some of the books are sold for ten to twenty pesos – which I loved because I was able to buy a lot of books for my son. I hovered for an hour and a half so I would be able to look for all the best deals I could find and then paid my purchases. My last stop for the book fair was the Church Strengthening Ministry publication which sold books from known local and international Christian authors. The best thing on this booth is that all of their books are sold at one hundred pesos each! But since I stick to the book titles I need, I just bought three books for myself. One from Chinkeen Tan, Gary Chapman and John Maxwell. These books when bought at regular book stores are sold at 300 pesos each. It was a great deal I would say.

For those who are considering on visiting the book fair, here are some of useful tips:

  • Check out the schedules of events for the book fair. If you have a favorite author or publishing house that is show casing their products and meet and greets, you may want to check the book fair’s schedule. There are numerous listings at the venue and best to get updates on their personal pages.
  • Best to arrive at the venue early. Since weekend is the only available time for me and my family, our only option is to arrive there early for getting a parking slot on a nearby area and be able to select booths and deals we want to check out. Last year, I commuted all the way from BGC to SM Mall of Asia. After I bought the books, I had to carry 3 big bags full of books to go to bus terminal. This year, we decided to bring the car for convenience and to be able to bring my son to the venue.
  • Wear comfortable shoes or footwear and comfortable clothes. Though the place is air conditioned, it can be crowded on later hours of the day. Comfortable foot wear is a must since there are lots of things you can check out from different booths.
  • Make a list of books you want to check out or plan to score at the event. Since my first priority is to buy books for my son, I stick to my plan of getting great buys on children books. It was only a bonus for me to get additional titles of the books I wanted.
  • Create a budget and stick to it. It is easy to get tempted with buying and hoarding of books due to great deals and lots of selection. But make sure that you stick to your budget and note the titles that you already own so you don’t buy a duplicate copy.
  • Eat first before going to the venue. It is best to eat before going to venue so that you have the energy of browsing and scouring through different booths. You may never notice the time while you are enjoying at reading and shopping books.

Overall, we enjoyed our first bonding with my family over Manila International Book Fair and hopefully next year, we would be able to attend and bring again my son who shows keen interest on reading books and other great learning materials. In addition, bringing him to the event made him exposed more to books and I let him chose any materials that brings interest to him. I just made sure that the titles he selected was approved by his mommy. Plus what I loved best on Manila International Book Fair, I was able to stick to my budget! All of our loots cost less than 1,500 pesos! Great steal for children books and for my personal development books 🙂

Some of the snapshots of our visit are below. Kindly note that I got few pictures because I was too busy looking for best deals and visiting the booths. 🙂


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