Little Indulgence: Rewards for #great2016

I know I am very vocal about my Happiness Project for 2016 and still trying to achieve it. And part of my Happiness Project and goal setting is to ensure that this 2016 aside from living life to the fullest and enjoying God’s blessings, I challenged myself (or rather me and my husband) to save up more than the usual. This year instead of going gaga over mid-year sale seasons and hunting for best buys in our house, I decided to keep the extra money and reward myself (ourselves) during the last quarter of the year. Of course, the reward would still be a top secret but this is one challenge me and Nins want to do for this year. Last year, we were busy on our home furnishings and improvement, that most of our focus is on improving our house. I guess it’s normal because it was the fruit of our hard work and we were excited on having a place called our own.

This year we want to reward ourselves and challenge ourselves to save up. This is also part of my goal setting early January and see how we can come up with #great2016 experience. I want to up the ante by ensuring that this 2016 will be one of our most memorable years. The budgeting mommy section is up and will start on listing down things on where we can save and get the best deals based on our family experience.

Challenge Accepted! Still prepping up for the remaining #great2016


Photo Credit by H. Stillufsen


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