Happiness Project: Surrounding Yourself with Happiness and Positivity

A lot of us are happy when we unlocked our achievement and dreams. Today, it is no secret that most of our desires and dreams are posted in the social media for our relatives, friends and connections to see. We want to share a special moment and believe that we spread some good vibes across our loved ones. In my previous post on Staying Quiet on a Noisy Cyberspace, I have listed the reasons on why I choose to tone down and focus on the things that matter to me. For me there is nothing wrong with post that sends messages of hope, love and inspiration. It only becomes a problem when feeds and posts stir envious or jealous feelings towards other people and sometimes questioning our lives why some things and experiences did not happen to us. In reality, how are we in terms of our true relationship with our loved ones and friends? Are we genuinely happy for them when we see them reached or unlocked their dreams? It is easy for us to be happy for ourselves but how about for others? Do you have the same feeling of happiness when we see them achieve or acquire something?

They say true people who are happy for others reap a good karma because he or she emanates the happiness glow. Being happy with others gives us an opportunity to be happy as well! And sometimes being surrounded with people who are happy and successful is also influencing us to do our best and wait when our great turn for success and opportunities shower on us. In relation to this entry, I cannot miss the opportunity the reasons of being happy for others. These people are my great friends and we’ve been through some challenging times as well. We’ve shared some few tears over coffee or phone and seeing them on their reaping their success and good karma it reminds me that our Lord blesses us in right time and opportunity. These friends I have met for some catch up provided me good vibes and the lessons they impart on what makes life inspiring:

  1. One friend of mine was able to travel to Japan as part of her employment incentive. Being loyal with her company for ten years, she was granted a chance to visit the beautiful country of Japan. I myself loved to visit the country in the future and seeing her animated face while telling her travel stories made me inspired to save up and plan for that dream trip in Japan. For her the trip to Japan is a dream come true for her and for always believing that never stop on dreaming and believing that things will happen in the right time. Plus, it was nice that after of more than a decade of friendship, the warmth and feel-good thoughts of seeing each other just makes it more special.
  2. One friend of mine was able to complete her dream house with her family. I knew how long they waited for their dream house to be built. For three years they patiently waited for the house construction and processing of their property but due to developer’s problem, they decided to look for another property to consider. When challenge and delay arose, they were given a more beautiful blessing of acquiring a bigger house than what they planned for. It shows that sometimes challenges and delays are blessings in disguise on where God really steer us on the right direction. I am definitely happy for this friend of mine because I knew how hard they strive and waited. They are currently enjoying her dream house with family and I would say it was a great blessing and well-deserved.
  3. One friend of mine was finally able to find her true love and join him in America for a new life and hope overseas. I am happy for my friend because I knew how she coped up from the tragedy of losing her only child and finally being able to bounce back and start her life all over again. No parent would want to see her child lose her battle in sickness and I know how hard it was for my friend. Finding her true love is no easy feat as well. She believed that love will come to those who patiently waits. During our despedida meetup, she recounts her story of how she met her fiancé and being finally able to meet someone who shares same lifestyle and beliefs in life. Now she is already in United States starting her life with her husband. It just shows that when we believe that things will be given to us, it will and will be shown in God’s perfect timing. It was her answered prayer to finally meet someone who will fill her life with happiness and new adventures in the other side of the world.

These stories above bring the good feeling not only for your friends but also for yourself. It is a testament that God is still weaving and working on His Great Plans for us. Instead of complaining or hating someone because we weren’t able to see the opportunity, it is a blessing to wait and keep praying for the moment when we unlock our dreams and achievements. Having friends who makes you inspired and restores your faith is such an inspiration on being happy with blessings from our Lord.

There are still few months for wrapping up the #great2016 and preparing for #blessed2017!


Photo Credit from H. Stillufsen


Photo Credit from H. Stillufsen


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