What’s in my Bookshelf: Only Love by Erich Segal

One of my favorite activity during weekends (and especially if it’s a long one) is reading books while my son is asleep or I am on my “me” time. I have this habit since elementary to curl up on books and spend whole afternoon or night reading books. The habit continued even up to this day and it was one of those “favorite things” I love to do.

One of my favorite books is Only Love by Erich Segal. The book was given to me by my uncle who availed free books in abroad. Since he knew how much I love to read books, he gave me few books he acquired in his travels and journey in the United States as pasalubong (souvenir). Up to this date, I still have the copy and in my safekeeping.

Erich Segal (June 16, 1937 – January 17, 2010) is the known author of Love Story novel which also became a movie starring Ryan O’ Neal and Ali McGraw (which I watched in my teens) and was also known as a movie hit. Reading an Erich Segal novel always portrays powerful forces of love and evoking unstirred emotions while reading its chapters.

Only Love is a story of Dr. Matthew Hiller, a brilliant neuro-surgeon and how he fought his feelings for his lost love of twenty years. The background is set on the glitzy sights of Paris where he found his goddess in the form of his colleague Silvia Dalessandro and the love that started in the down trodden landscape of Ethiopia. Each of them exchanged family stories which includes frustration, tragedy and hope. Their nightly rituals of dinners, coffee, studying, music and love for the opera evolved into friendship that then blossomed into love. Despite the depressing situation as brave volunteer doctors in Africa they set to get married and start their future. Unfortunately, a tragic event happened forcing Silvia to leave Matthew in the barren land of Ethiopia, leaving Matthew clueless and yearning for answers but determined to continue as it was his second chance in life. Though Matthew was given a second chance, his virtuoso talent in piano has been gone, but his love and passion to heal people kept him going.

Years had passed and they took different paths, Silvia marrying her first love and one of the most powerful and richest men in Italy, while Matthew became a famed neurosurgeon in United States and rekindled his lost feelings to his college best friend. All well’s that ends well not until Silvia was stricken with brain tumor and Matthew is the only key for Silvia’s survival and new lease at life.

The story provides different ways of looking at love and emotions. It gives lessons on friendship, relationship, choices and opportunities. There is no better way in life but to be the best and prove that no failure in love can break you into pieces. Only Love is one of a kind masterpiece from Erich Segal. I love how the author put his words to form a wonderful story.

It is always a great experience to read it again and again because you enjoy re-living their moments in Paris, Africa, Italy and United States.


My well-worn copy of Erich’s Segal Only Love (and my favorite book too!)


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