Andy Speaks: Open Letter to My Son…

Note: I was supposed to post this few days ago… I guess being out because of vacation and being busy because of catching up with work, I was not able to post this but it’s better late than never.


My Dearest Little Prince,

Days ago you turned a year older. It is quite hard to imagine how time flies really fast. I can still vividly remember these days years ago while preparing for your grand entrance to the world. There was a combination of nervousness and excitement on how will I get a glimpse on your lovely face when you arrive. I was praying to God that He will give me a healthy son who will bring sunshine in our lives and God fulfilled my prayers. I can still remember your first squeal and the joy in your father’s voice when he first saw you. Your beautiful face and smile reminded me that all those tears and pains while delivering you was all worth it and I was glad and thankful that you did not gave me a hard time. I know from the beginning that you were a strong little boy and an intelligent one because you kick me hard in the womb while I was reading books to you and subtly telling me that I need rest especially after a long day at work. There were sleepless nights on your first few months but still you never gave us a hard time because you slept through the night on the later phases. Your smile and coos took our breath away while gazing at you. As a mother it was hard for me to leave you after my maternity rest has ended. As much as I love to stay and take care of you, mommy has to work to provide the best needs Daddy and I can give you. But please do remember that we do not work so we can spoil and give you whatever you want. Daddy and I work because we wanted to provide your needs and grow up with experiences that can help you tread through life even in difficult times.

Mommy is not a perfect person, nor even the candidate for the best mommy in the world award. There are times mommy cries because of guilt for being away with you during the day. The first few months was hard on me: soft tears during commute that I hide just to keep my resolve up, but deep inside I was worrying about you all the way to the office. Mommy is trying her best to make up the lost hours by reading to you at night, do our nightly rituals, looking after you while you are fast asleep, helping you with school work and make up the bonding times during weekends. Sometimes mommy does mistakes and failures too but please do remember that mommy is a work in progress in acquiring skills to be a good parent to you. While you are growing up, mommy and daddy learns a lot on how to raise you and provide you the life that every child should have.

I know someday you will ask why I did not choose the path to stay at home and take care of you while you were growing up. I want you to know that Daddy gave me a choice on choosing to stay at home or continue my work and he is always great at supporting your mommy’s decisions. Mommy always had big dreams for this family and she wants to be part of making those dreams a reality. Mommy always believes that a fulfilled woman in life is an equivalent of a happy wife and mother to her kid.

I have big dreams and plans for you but above everything else, I want you to grow up that you choose the path where it will lead you towards being a good Christian and a life full of happiness. I always dream of seeing places with you and daddy and I looked forward someday by God’s grace we will be able to tick off all of our bucket list, one by one and sweet moments are forever cherished with you and Daddy.

Always remember that Mommy and Daddy loves you so much. You are the joy and miracle of our lives. Nothing is much sweeter in the world that God blessed us with a wonderful son like you.

Love you always,



PS: Image Not Mine.


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