Weekend Best Spent: Amusing Afternoon at Sky Ranch Tagaytay

One of the great things I love about hubby is that he can keep up with my spontaneous and crazy ideas. Like what I am always saying in my previous posts, weekends is sacred to us. It is the time of the week where we maximize our free time to spend with our son, do errands, arrange and de-clutter our house, attend church services and meeting family and friends.

Few weekends ago, we attended the house blessing of our dear friend and spent few hours in their home catching up. After our meeting hubby asked where we want to spend our afternoon. My son suggested going SM for his usual trip to toy store and play place. I beg to differ since we usually frequent the place and since hubby wants to de-stress, we went to Tagaytay and check out Sky Ranch.

Sky Ranch is a five hectare project by SM Prime Holdings in Tagaytay City. It is located just beside Taal Vista Hotel and the leisure park has a vantage point of seeing the post card view of Taal Lake. The leisure park contains amusement rides for adults and children which includes the famous Sky Eye which is one of the largest Ferris wheel. Hubby and I were joking that we went all the way to Tagaytay city to visit an amusement park while our house is just a few meters away from another theme park. Since it was not a pay day and the traffic was quite manageable, we decided to pay our first time visit to Sky Ranch and bring our son.

Upon arriving at the area, the parking area at the front were already full so we were directed to park at the opposite side of the road. The parking fee for cars is around 50 pesos and we can avail it for free if we dined at one of the restaurants in Sky Ranch worth 200 pesos and above.

Going inside the park, you need to pay 80 pesos at the entrance for both adult and child. Their entrance rate is much lower during weekdays (Monday to Thursday). Expect on a weekend that entrance ticket are pricier. When we arrived at the ticketing booth, the line is quite shorter so we were able to went inside in a breeze. Upon entering the park you will already see their rides and attractions. Since it was a weekend, there are many visitors in the park but still the crowd is still manageable (and bearable).

Hubby and I admits that there is a certain kind of rush when going to amusement parks. It was also kind of nostalgic because of the cold weather in Tagaytay and hearing Christmas carols playing in the loud speakers brings you a certain happiness and joy in the theme park. It’s been years since our last visit to amusement park and it was a first time for us to bring our son in a local park for a fun afternoon. Hubby and I had our most memorable theme park visit was during our Hongkong Disneyland trip where our childhood dreams became a reality. Up to this date, our trip to Hongkong Disneyland brings the good memories back to life. We knew how a simple trip to amusement park can bring out some of the best memories in life. Our son was quite amazed with the huge Ferris wheel and the ball games at their booths. We roam around the park and let our son choose which ride he would like to try. Since some of the rides were mostly applicable to teens and adults, we let him play the inflatable slides. Each amusement park rides costs around 50 – 150 pesos per ride. You may opt to choose different rides or avail unlimited passes. There is also a birthday promo which you can avail discounts on entrance and rides. You can also use your SM Advantage card or BDO rewards card when you accumulated at least 500 pesos worth of tickets.

The highlight of our visit was that my son asked us if he could try riding a horse. He recognized the horse in one of our bonding sessions for our reading time and was curious upon seeing it up close. Since he already experienced interacting with farm animals in our province, hubby and I decided to let him experience his first horse-back riding. Hubby accompanied him in the horse-back riding and the ride lasted for 30 minutes. Though the time was short, I think it was worth letting him try the activity because the smiles and stories were never ending. He was jumping with joy after the ride and I think it was all worth spending it with his first experience on riding a horse.

We stayed at the theme park til seven o’clock in the evening and then head on for dinner at one of our favorite restaurant in Tagaytay (which will be on my separate entry). All in all, we had a fun afternoon in Sky Ranch and best of all it was worth bringing our son in the theme park because it shows in his endless smiles and stories. Having new experience has a positive impact on our son. We knew because he couldn’t stop from talking while we were traversing the Tagaytay road. I am pretty sure that this is not the last time we will enjoy our times together in a theme park and I am hoping there would more to come.

Here are some of snapshots of our trip:


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