Travel Tales: Singapore City Tour – Gardens by the Bay

Five years ago, when I visited Singapore, Gardens by the Bay is not yet an attraction. The place of interest available was Marina Bay. I was only able to see the newly opened Marina Bay Sands care of my good friend in Singapore who toured and shared me stories of how Marina Bay was built and showed me the grandeur of the place. Going back to Singapore, I was interested to see the famous “Super Trees” and the beautiful large hanging gardens. Our first day in Singapore was spent visiting Gardens by the Bay.

According to YourSingapore site (which is one of the official tourist web site for Singapore), Gardens by the Bay is located at Marina Reservoir which offers breath taking waterfront views. The reclaimed land has vast horticultures and boasts massive SuperTrees. There are two main areas which is the Gardens by the Bay – South Garden and Gardens by the Bay – East Garden.

The Gardens by the Bay – South Gardens is one of the largest gardens and this is where the massive Super Trees are located. The Super Trees are huge vertical gardens filled with different plants and flowers. It is really amazing how these trees are built. The Super Trees reminds me of Avenue of Baobabs in Madagascar because of its design and form. You can walk on the suspended bridges across the Super Trees located in South Gardens and enjoy the amazing view overlooking the gardens and nearby attractions. In addition, there are also scheduled light shows at the gardens so that you will be able to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of super trees. The Gardens by the Bay is also a testament that in Singapore it is possible to enjoy the beauty of nature and the progress of economy. A refreshing garden in the middle of the progressive city. What I also love is that the gardens are well-maintained and very clean. You can have a quick breaks under its cool benches and beautiful gardens.

The Gardens by the Bay – East Garden boasts the Cloud Forest which is an enclosed compound and is considered as the tallest indoor waterfall. There are lush vegetation and it showcases tropical plants. There are also eateries across the vicinity which families and friends can enjoy.

Prior to our trip, we listed down the Gardens by the Bay as our place to see and thought that we would be able to scour the whole vicinity in just a few hours. Based from feedback, we include this on a list of itineraries along city center. I was wrong to assume that we can cover Gardens for a few hours because every nooks and crannies of this beautiful garden is something not to miss. In addition, with its vast and sprawling location it would be best to use the tram rides for you to explore the gardens and conservatories.


  • Best to include this with your Marina Bay Sands visit because it is adjacent to each other
  • If you plan to walk in the gardens with toddlers, best to have strollers with you because the place could be tiring to our darling little ones
  • Avail tram rides for a fee
  • One of the things we enjoyed at Gardens by the Bay is that there are few birds around the area that roams around. My son enjoyed seeing them close
  • Scour for cheap entrance tickets to the conservatories
  • Bring water and extra wipes with you
  • Try their orchid vanilla ice cream. It is really delicious 🙂 (quite expensive if you ask me but so worth it)

Additional Information – Guide Websites

YourSingapore: Gardens by the Bay

Official Gardens by the Bay Site

Our Own Images and Snapshots of our visit!


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