Happiness Project: Thanksgiving 2016

Last year, I have started writing my Thanksgiving list because of our discipleship group reflections on what we should be thankful for. In addition, I have started on Grateful Journal which includes writing the smallest things that we were grateful for helps us to change our perspective in life. I must admit doing this practice for a while helped me see the good things in life despite some challenges and negative things that you cannot control. I love towing my little Grateful journal with me everyday which lists down some of my most thankful moments during the day.

This 2016, is a great year for us because there are so many unforgettable moments, unlocked goals and achievements. I know there are soooo many things to be thankful and I am always grateful to our good Lord for showering us blessings, peace and harmony. As we approach a new year and milestones, I want to summarize the people, things and experiences that I am thankful for:

1. My Family. I could never thank enough the Lord for my husband, my son, my parents and my in-laws. I am greatly surrounded with great people in my life. Life wouldn’t be so sweet without them by my side. My parents and my in-laws are helping us out with taking care of my son since both hubby and I were working. In addition, my dad helped us out with the things that need to be arranged and fixed around our house.

2. Great Friends. This year was filled with get-togethers and catching up with friends. Hubby told me that he was quite amazed with number of friends we get to meet this year. He knows that I am an extrovert but he was amazed how I kept up having friends from way back younger years. Having to spend few hours / times with old and new friends’ beats the connection in social media. I always appreciate heart to heart talks, catch ups, meeting them personally and a good laughter with great friends.

3. Our Work. Hubby and I are always thankful for the career that God had bestowed on us. We are thankful being surrounded with nice colleagues and new learning that we can use to improve ourselves. Our work made us achieve some of our goals and plans for this year and for that alone I am truly thankful. I am also thankful for my work anniversary this month. I met new friends and new colleagues this year.

4. Our D-group in Church. Having joined D-group last year was one the good decisions hubby and I made. This group made bible studies, potlucks, and life talks more fun. It was nice to share same beliefs and hopes for our families as we tread through life using Christ as the center of our married lives. Prayers in groups do great wonders. They were our guide in enhancing our spiritual growth.

5. Our Travels. This year I am very thankful because we were able to travel as family. We celebrated my son’s birthday and our anniversary during our Singapore Trip last November and we spent few days of relaxation in the beautiful island of Bohol last December (still need to write about our wonderful experience). I have been to Singapore five years ago but going back to experience travelling with my husband and son is a surreal experience. I am looking forward for more trips next year and I love bringing my son because it was really evident how travel changes child’s outlook and learning.

6. Our home improvements. Last year, God already answered our prayers to move into a new house. This year we were able to install gates in our house for safety and we were able to buy few furnishings to improve the house.

7. Our volunteer work in church. This year I made a goal of being a volunteer in church, hubby and I prayed for it and see what would be the progress of our prayers. During the first quarter of 2016, I was invited by our D-group members if I could pitch as a volunteer writer for Chronicles newsletter. I eagerly say yes because I was able to rekindle my old hobby and interest to write. Writing the words and acts of our good Lord helped me learn more about Bible and the value of Christ’s words to his disciples.

8. My blog turned 1 year old last September 2016. I am not frequently updating my blog due to my busy work schedule and sometimes even if I am free during weekends, my priorities were towards bonding with our son. The purpose of my blog was to write out my thinking out loud ideas, later on I began to adapt the happiness project for it was a great help to me. Being able to keep up with writing (and blog) is a blessing for me because despite my work schedule I was still able to update it from the time to time. Few friends already knew the site and I am still contemplating the need to promote the blog. A few friends encouraged me, so let’s see what’s in store for 2017 in this blog

9. Our bucket list. I’ll tell more about this on a separate entry.

10. Our good health and availing company benefits of adult vaccines for flu and pneumonia. I am thankful that the health cards we acquired were only used for checkups and discounts. I am always praying for our family’s health and protection. It was a blessing that we were provided health cards and we even extend the vaccine benefits to our parents which is very beneficial for all of us to stay out of sickness.

Being grateful is a good practice towards humbling ourselves to God. This year is coming to an end, but I still want to continue my grateful habit on next years to come. Let us be reminded that the spirit of Christmas would not be complete without the essence of being thankful to our blessings.

Happy holidays!

Image from H. Stillufsen


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