Andy Speaks: What I Learned About My Happiness Project

A year ago, I have started my own Happiness Project based on the book “Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin. It details out my journey on how I tread life, family, career and other activities in between so that I would be able to explore and improve myself. My overall goal last 2016 is to come up with my own happiness project list and share what I have experience. It was fun trying it out and I highly recommend that you read the book and try the project as well.


One thing I learned in happiness project is the beauty of simplicity and appreciating simple things in life. (Image not mine)

I am a firm believer that we should never stop in seeking happiness from the things, activities and people that brings us happiness. I am also a firm believer and advocate that dreaming and planning should never stop once we had our family or kids; instead it should be our baseline and motivation to pursue our goals and dreams. My journey for happiness project does not stop from here; instead I wanted it to continue as 2017 moves forward. While I have already listed some of my goals, improvements and plans for this 2017, allow me to recap and share some of the insights of what I learned about creating my own happiness project and share the love and inspiration across this blog.

  1. I learned the value of setting priorities. Being a working mom, my schedule and activities can fill up a whole planner especially on days that deadlines is just a few inches away from my calendar. Setting priorities made me realized that if I want to achieve something, focusing on one task and prioritizing which is a better option between all other options helps me tread through my activities. One example is, last year instead of doing my usual catching up in social media during weekends, I always put on top of my priority to bond with my son and catch up during weekends. I put down my phone to spend precious hours playing and bonding with my son. Another is, after my day ends, I always write my activities for the next day’s work so that I won’t feel too overwhelmed when starting my day at the office.
  2. I learned about being more grateful. Being grateful should be everyone’s daily habit. There is something different when we start to be thankful rather than being a chronic complainer. We tend to see the beauty of God’s blessing to us. A simple dinner with family or a quick catch up with friends can be one of our grateful moments. It reminds us how to live life as happy as it should be. Gratefulness also changes our perspective on how we can achieve happiness on simple things and experience. It teaches how to be contented, savor the joy of the moment and be thankful for God’s unwavering faithfulness to us.
  3. I learned how not to sweat small stuff. I used to remember how I loved making a big deal out of everything. I get frustrated when my favorite food is not available in the restaurant; I get annoyed when someone cuts me on the line. I easily give up when tasks don’t seem to end. Little things can annoy me the whole day. I learned that if you want to be simply happy, you need to remove even the smallest things that drag you down. Frustration, annoyance, worry, guilt and anger can eat away our happy vibes. If we keep on making issues out of small stuff then we would never achieve or accomplish anything. All we get from a day’s worth of frustration is stress and anger.
  4. I learned that you need to find time for things and people that matter. Being busy is a choice.. If we keep on using the “busy” word as an excuse not to execute your plan then you will never find time to finish your goals and plans. Like when I set a goal to read more books in 2016, I should need to find time to accomplish my goals I set for myself. Even if sometimes it’s too tempting to open my phone or laptop for browsing during long weekends, I savor my “me” time moment over reading and indulging myself on a good book.
  5. There is something good in giving back. It’s good to receive blessings but it is far better to be a channel of blessings. Sharing does not mean that you need to provide money or gifts, sharing can means sharing your God-given talents, lend a hand to those in need or join in prayers for those who need God’s divine intervention and miracles.
  6. I learned about the advantage of making ‘List”. A lot would say that making a list during a grocery trip can save you money and time. Making a list trains your brain and mindset on what needs to be bought and what needs to avoid in the grocery aisles. It wards off the temptation of buying anything that’s not on your list. Just like making a grocery list, making a list on your plans, goals and tasks helps a lot on setting our minds towards achieving them. It is also useful during holidays because it helps you save and cuts your time when doing your holiday shopping. Making a list makes your activities and tasks bearable because you know you are in full control. A list for tasks, inventory, grocery, must-buys is a great and efficient time-saving tool.

#blessedandgreat2017 will be coming up!


Start chasing and planning those goals and dreams away!


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