Andy Speaks: Happy International Women’s Month!

International Women’s Day is annually held every March 8 and is a worldwide celebration and observance of women’s achievement throughout history. It is also known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace. It is on this month that we acknowledge the contributions women make not only in the family, classroom, community and workplace but also across the nation.

This year’s theme is #beingboldforchange. Based on history and our current position, women already came a long way fighting for rights and speaking their minds based on their principles. I, as a woman, I am quite thankful to be born at the time where women have rights and significant contributions in various fields. I am glad and proud that my parents honed me to be a better person and woman. Growing up, my parents taught me to know my rights and let me decide on which passions I wanted to pursue. I also appreciate the fact that my father encouraged and empowered us. My father never treated us as inferior and weaker gender. Instead, he taught us to be strong and driven. Now that I am a parent myself, I would really want to instill to my son the values of respecting women and appreciating their contribution to the society. I am also glad and thankful to have a husband who supports and encourages me in my endeavors and respects my beliefs and principles in life.

As we celebrate this empowering event, I would like to highlight and share in my page about the strong, compassionate, dedicated and lovable women I knew in my life. These will be a series of post which highlights about the stories of these beautiful women. They are my dear friends and also women who inspires and provides insights on what it takes to be a strong woman and compassionate at what they do. They have different stories which encompasses what it takes to be an amazing mother, an entrepreneur, career-woman, independent, free-spirited and dedicated daughters, loving wives, single ladies and God-fearing women.

Happy International Women’s Month to all my women friends!

Let us all be inspired in their stories as my series of posts will come up in a few days’ time. Keep reading!


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