Happiness Project: The Race

Last weekend I had the privileged to join SMDC Run for five kilometer run. Years ago, I love doing nightly runs at Bonifacio High Street (back when High Street was a quiet road and used by runners as a practice loop) and I used to run during weekends in our subdivision. Running was one of my go-to activities when I feel too stressed or frustrated.

My last run was 2013 for Philhealth’s three kilometer run with my husband and I even joined National Geographic run last 2011. After giving birth to my son and being busy at work, it would be really a blessing if I can find time to do my nightly ritual. Now that I am hitting my 30’s I noticed the “physical” signs that I must go back to my running and add up Yoga for my keeping fit goals this 2017. It was a great opportunity that our employer sponsored the SMDC run and we were eager to join as our chance to go back to running.


Going back to running after years of stopping created a different high. And this was my first time to run with my hubby for a five kilometer run. At the start of the race, the energy is high and people are getting excited. It was just a few minutes before the start of the race that we were able to congregate with our office mates who also joined the run. When the starting gun was heard, everyone was cheering as we all move forward at the start of the run. Once we started, I kept my pacing with my husband while our team mates were already ahead of us. In running, you don’t want to lose your momentum and energy by pushing your entire limit while you are still in the middle of run. At one and a half kilometers I know I am really running out of my breath. I don’t want to beat myself up so I just let my pacing wine down. Together, hubby and I just keep our paces within the sight of each other. Our focus is not to move fast but make sure we were able to finish the line with no injuries or any issue. I know running five kilometer is an easy feat for enthusiasts but I realized that since we were just getting back to running, five kilometer is a challenge. The run started at five in the morning and hubby and I finished the five kilometer race few minutes before six in the morning. Not bad for the time we spent running.


Together hand in hand, hubby and I traverse the finish line while our team mates were waiting in the finish line. I must admit, there must be a dozen people who already reached the finish line but the thought of starting something and you were able to finish it was such a good feeling. I can’t help but realized that most motivational speakers compared racing to actual life’s journey because there are so many lessons you can learn. Running teaches you about perseverance, motivation and goal. And I love having quick wins even for the smallest activities or plans I am doing. It made me feel happy and accomplished that I was able to run again. The best part is that even if it’s just a five kilometer run, we got medals upon reaching the finish line.


And I could not help but realized a lot of things why running can be associated with how we deal about our life’s journey…

  • Running is not without struggles. When you are planning to join a race, you must practice and persevere. Just like any other plans or goals in life, we must prepare and work hard to achieve it. Any pain inflicted by the race is the mark of how we were able to surpass and withstand them while competing. But take the time and enjoy the pace.
  • Do not compare yourself with others. Running is a competitive sport but you must not exhaust or kill yourself trying to surpass others. Take your time but do not get out of the race. Each of us has a “time” to shine. Focus on how you would be able to finish the goal. Just look ahead and do not mind others getting past to you. As long as you are in the race, keep on moving.
  • Just like in running, you will get better in life when you constantly practice and work hard. Try to set goals and keep your mind on finishing the race. It is better to slow your pace rather than exhaust yourself and quit. Our parents to remind us just keep on fighting and quitters never win.
  • Lastly, there is a great feeling of being able to finish the race. You make a big pat on the back for doing a great job. It doesn’t matter how you ranked or how long you were able to reach the line as long as you finish it. And throw out the things that weight you down. It feels good to run without looking after for things and stuff. Just like in life, it is good to keep up with our journey without the heavy burden of people and thoughts who weights us down.

Though I know our race isn’t too difficult… I always loved this quote.. “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations” So keep going in the race and have fun! (Or should I say more races ahead!)


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