Andy Speaks: Amazing Women Part 1 – What It Takes to be a Fulfilled Mothers?

The moment your child enter this world, you know your life is forever changed. Changed in a such a way that you know that future is brighter being blessed by good Lord to have a child. One of my favorite Miss Universe winning answer was from Susmita Sen in which she says, “The essence of a woman is God’s gift that all of us must appreciate. The origin of the child is a mother and is a woman. She shows a man what is sharing, caring, loving is all about”, which for me epitomizes the importance of motherhood and being a woman.


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As promised and in continuation of the month-long celebration of the International Women’s month, I will be posting series of ways to appreciate and honor women. And who would be at the top of my list? Of course, it is us moms! This topic is close to me and I can relate a lot because I am a mother too. There is an unexplained and myriad of feelings once you became a mother and you bond with your fellow moms. Your life will instantly change knowing you have a child inside you. And I would say that being a mother is one of the bravest thing women can do in her life.

Motherhood is a journey. Every mother has a unique journey in management of family, raising a child and being an amazing wife. One of the great things being a mother is being surrounded by group of mommy-friends which you can ask, share, and talk about the joys, challenges and highlights of motherhood.

I am happy to share about these two women who is not only amazing moms but also an inspiration to continue pursuing their dreams and passion. These women were my friends from our discipleship group from CCF a.k.a our sanity friends circle. Aside from being mothers and entrepreneurs, they are also the ones who help in building the church and its ministries. Our discipleship group helped us grow in our relationship with our Lord and our group is also our support system. Sharing stories of joys, achievements, challenges and prayers enable me to realize a lot about being a mother, wife, friend and follower of Christ.

Without further ado, I am glad to present these two fulfilled mothers I personally knew. First is Viviene, who is a stay at home mom, mom-preneur, blogger/writer and founder of Fullfilled Women Community. She is also the author of these books: From Depressed to Determined and 7 Things Every Wife Should Know. In addition, she manages their household, runs her online business, takes good care of her cute toddler and currently waiting for their baby number two! How is that for a multitasking momma?

Another is Mico, who is also a stay at home mom, events host, blogger/writer, ministry leader at church and owner of Wife’s Tales page. Just like Viv, Mico’s schedule is always full because of her events hosting, managing their household, helping her husband Bryan with church’s ministries activities and homeschooling her son. You could really imagine how these two women squeeze their time in between their family, church ministries, their passions and their dreams.

Prior to posting of this series, I have sent questions both to Viviene and Mico regarding on their take to motherhood and how they see themselves today. Here are the questions:

How do you see yourself today, in the past and in the future?

Viviene: I used to be an insecure, scared to fail kind of woman but that has been changed today. God’s love for me is not based on how strong I am. Instead, I learned and am still learning to be dependent on Him. I pray that I will touch more women to live their lives to the fullest the way that God intended. I want to help them with that and that is the legacy I want to leave.

Mico: Today – I see that where I am in today is the God’s appointed season. Grateful for my adventure and misses in the past kasi I see that it helped me to be “happier”… like since I can no longer be spontaneous. Now, I am super thankful because in the past, I was able to be always on the go.

What are the challenges of being a stay at home mom?

Viviene: It is a daily and should I say moment by moment challenge. I know I cannot live motherhood successfully without God holding my hand. From a bossy toddler to a mountain of household chores, my life is full! Not to mention, I run two businesses. God is my help!

Mico: My challenges are: 1) Time management because anything goes. You can’t plan what will happen. I try to balance house cleaning, Risen, Byran, work (events) with no househelp. 2) The idea of being always at home. 3) Waiting for Bryan to come home 4) Raising and being an example to Risen always.

What are the rewards / achievements of stay at home moms?

Viviene: Seeing your child every day. No worries about what is happening to her because you are physically with your child on a daily basis. For a paranoid mom like me, I figure I can’t work outside the home for extended periods of time. Maybe someday, who knows? But not now.

Mico: 1) Being able to serve my family and raise Risen 2) Having time to do the things that I really want leisurely (grocery, cooking, staying in bed and work from home)

What I appreciate with Viviene and Mico (and the rest of our sanity group friends) is that each has different stories to tell and each has lessons to learn about different exchanges of experience on marriage, motherhood, parenting and relationship to God. When schedule permits us to bond together despite of our busy schedules and varied careers, we talk and share about our experiences and lessons learned. What I appreciate on this “catch ups” is that it helped me understand these things:

  1. There is no magic formula or shortcuts in motherhood and parenting. We all go through the different phases of learning and experiencing the joys and the challenges of motherhood.
  2. Prayers and quiet time with the Lord helps us to keep things in perspective and knowing oneself
  3. Stay at home moms and working moms need not to be compared side by side. Both mothers encounter challenges in motherhood, marriage and parenting. Each moms needs support of other moms.
  4. Nobody says that being a mother is an easy task. Having support groups with fellow mommies can make a difference.
  5. We are not only labeled as mothers. We are the manager of our household, the boss of our kids and achievers of our dreams. We are passionate at what we do. And above all we are the God’s children in His eyes.

Want to know more about our fulfilled mothers? Check out their personal pages to get a glimpse of their passions and favorite things to do!


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