Andy Speaks: Reminders from Dad

Fathers are special creatures. They are considered the very foundation of our home and the leader of the family. There are lots of commercials and advertisings that will remind of this special day and why our fathers are the superheroes of our lives. Some of the commercials are funny and heart-warming and above all I can truly relate to some of the clips. But what makes Father’s Day special to me is that I am glad and blessed to have a father who is our source of strength and inspiration in our lives. He was a great provider to our family and a loving spouse to my mother. When I had a family of my own, I did truly appreciate to have a wonderful father growing up because he instilled discipline and lessons that defines who I am today.
Just in time for this special day, allow me to share some of the wonderful reminders from my dad:

Be Nice and Courteous

My dad used to work in a multinational company for twenty years. In all of those years, family outings and get-togethers were being organized in their company to promote camaraderie among employees and their family members. Most of his colleagues became our family friends. Every time we attend these family outings, my father always remind us to be nice and courteous to his work mates and their family members. He never forgets to remind us to use “Po” and “Opo” and behave nicely. Even during the time I am already working, he keeps on reminding me the value of being nice to everyone. What he means about being nice to “Everyone”, includes managers, boss, co-workers, janitors, security guards and other office personnel. My dad always says that you will never know when you will need someone’s help so it really pays to be nice and courteous all the time

Save, Save, Save!

One of my favorite lines from my father is “Piso nalang ang kalabaw, hindi ka pa makabili dahil wala ka naipon”. My mom and dad always remind me to save up for the rainy days especially during the time that I started working. During my single days, my parents knew that I have an impulsive habit to buy clothes, shoes, bags and then later on splurge on travels. All through the years, they keep on reminding me the value of saving during rainy days because you will never know what will happen when you are dire need of money during life’s emergencies. And now that I have a family of my own, having a savings is really a must. Throughout the years, my parents’ advice to save came in handy especially in times of sickness, retrenchment and emergencies.

Dress for Success

My mother used to say that my dad has a fine taste for clothing for someone who loves simple and classic clothes. When I started working he keep on reminding me to dress up nicely and wear something appropriate so that it show and impose respect by how you look professionally. He always reminds me to choose classic pieces and accessories. He says that for a person who is working in a corporate field, a woman should be dressed tastefully and elegant. He keeps on reminding me that dressing nicely has an impact with managers and colleagues. It is one of the lessons I carry on till now. One of my unforgettable moments with my father was when I invited them in my former office for a vaccination schedule. My family went all the way to Libis and meets me at our office lobby. My father was used on seeing me with my tattered pajamas and my bird’s nest hair at home, so when then met me at the lobby, he did a double take on my look. That time I was wearing black blazer, black slacks, white shirt and black stiletto high heels. My mom told me later on, that when my father saw me in our office, made his heart swelled with pride not only because of my professional look but also seeing his daughter working in a corporate office.

All People Bled Same Blood – Never Feel Inferior with Others

My father used to tell me that never to feel insecure or inferior to others. All people bled the same blood and all people have different strengths and weaknesses. Never allow other people to make you feel less of a human. One of the things I always I appreciate with my father is that he never compare us to other kids or other cousins. He always says that there is no joy in comparing ourselves to others and try to see the best in ourselves. Growing up, these words increase my self-esteem and confidence in facing different challenges when dealing with other people.

There are Blessings / Opportunities in Failures
My father used to tell me that “Failures are often blessing in disguise” and it was indeed true. I have experience different failures in life and at times even moments of sadness but having a father who cheers you up and keeps you good spirit somehow makes the difference. This is one of my treasured words of wisdom from my father, it did encourage to me try and persevere. No matter how hard the path towards your goal and dreams, the Lord will always guide us towards our right direction.

Travel (Travel the World if possible)
When I was a little kid, I love riding the ships and airplanes going to our province. I love watching the sunrise, sunset and the deep blue waters of the sea. I love asking my dad a lot of questions about how ships work, where our ship / airplane is heading, what are those abbreviations found in the airport / ship tickets and a lot more. My dad patiently explains each and every answer to my questions. He does not mind if I go exploring the whole ship or observe the airplane from my window seat. My father encourages me to travel and discover places (if time and budget permits and if and only if I have enough savings to cover for my travel and emergency fund). He said that there is a difference kind of rush in travelling and it was a surreal experience because one day you were just watching it from the Travel Channel and then later on you will see yourself walking around the famous landmarks or places. Travel also helps you learn a lot about culture, communication and history which helps you to become more open minded and conscious at the ways of the world.

I also used to remember during the time when I was asking for permission to fly out of the country. At first my dad would not allow me to do it because I am on my own, but I told him that it was him who encouraged us to travel. After all the discussion of pros and cons of travelling, he relented, told me to take good care of myself and even asked my mom to give a little shopping allowance in case I wanted to buy something in Singapore. Eventually I fly to Singapore, had the best time of my life and learn to appreciate life’s different kinds of journey.

Invest in Sturdy and Lasting Items

My father always reminds me not to buy impulsively and save up for an investment worthy pieces. Be it a house, car, clothes, a piece of jewelry, furniture and appliances. He told me that sturdy and quality branded items last longer compared to cheap and short term use finds. He also tells me to plan for things to buy or home improvement needed to ensure that the budget will cover everything and will not end up in a less than satisfactory results. I also appreciate that since he knows about home planning and improvement, he was the one who helped us in layout and planning of our house. With his help, we were able to achieve our initial plans for our house layout and made it livable for our family.

No Self Respecting Woman will go After a Man who Has No Integrity

My father always reminding me about valuing myself while in a relationship, he also tells me that when a guy has a good intention in a woman, the guy will do the pursuing and wooing; not the other way around. He also tells me that when a man fell astray it is no use to go after him just to preserve the relationship. And never ever be the woman who steals someone’s husband or become a mistress. Hard as it may sound and quite old-fashioned, but seem true to me. I guess my father like any fathers would want to see his daughter being treated nice and fair.

Education and Knowledge is very important

My dad values education and knowledge very much. He was the one who struggled to ensure that I will finish college even if it means losing his entire company package so that I would be a able to get a good education. Though during our tough times while I was studying I even volunteered to apply as a service crew or student assistant so that I would be able to finance some of my college tuition, my father vehemently denied my suggestion. For him, it is more important to see me graduate and get a degree. He insists that he is the provider in our house and will do in all his power to sustain my education. His only request for me is that I study hard and provide good grades so that I would be able to finish my degree earlier. I did not disappoint my father when my grade slips arrive in our house and graduated less than four years. When I am already working, he encouraged me to take trainings and graduate studies to fortify my career.

Never Use the Excuse that you are a Woman

My father raised us up to be firm and tough. He taught us how to fix things in the house (he is our handyman), how to plan and manage resources. He always reminds us that being a woman is not an excuse to perform certain things that a man can only do. Every time he fixes or improves stuff in our house, he let us watch and sometimes ask for assistance. This way, we know how to perform simple fixes around the house. In addition, my dad teaches us the value of planning and problem solving. And always believe that we will make a difference and be someone in our chosen field.

Value your spouse.
My father showed us what love is all about. It is unconditional and timeless. Despite the distance and disagreements, your spouse is your greatest partner and companion in life. In thirty years of my existence, I saw how my father appreciates my mother and his devotion to us. I never saw my father lift a hand to my mom or even saw them argue. My mother explained to me that just like any normal couple, they also had disagreements and misunderstandings but they never showed it to us because they want to instill in relationships that respect and love is very important. Sometimes we see them tease and banter each other but at the end of the day, my parents’ relationship is one for keeps.

Value your Real Friends
My father always taught me the value of friendship and always reminds me to treasure the friends I had in my life. He always says that having lifelong friends is a blessing and treasure. He also says to choose your friends wisely and carefully. Do not take your friends for granted and be there for them not only in times of fun but also in need. He always reminds me to choose well on who we should keep as friends.

Know where you are going (and returning)

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite activities to do with my father is looking and discovering directions. When I was growing up, it was instilled to me to observe and take note of the landmarks when going to a new place and learn how to return from your point of origin. My dad always reminds me to take note of my surroundings and landmarks. Up until in adulthood, not only I became an observer for directions and landmarks in places I visit but I also applied this with my goal setting direction. Always have an escape plan in case things don’t go the way we planned. Sometimes my hubby teases me for being paranoid but I told him that it make sense to be careful and observant. This trait was also the reason why I love travelling and discovering new places because I love looking for landmarks and doing observations in different locations.

Have a timeline for your dreams and goals.

One of the things that my dad always reminds me of is setting a timeline for all your dreams and goals. He told me that dreams will be dreams and goals will be just goals if we don’t put a timeline that will motivate me to start performing and executing my goals. Having a timeline set, you will be able to determine where you are, what are the things you still need to do and how long will it take you to reach your goal.

Give a Firm Handshake

My father always reminds me that nothing speaks of professionalism when you give a firm hand shake. It signifies commitment and respect. I used to remember that my dad and I would practice doing handshakes. Later on in life, I find it very useful especially when dealing with different colleagues in the corporate world and meeting new people. A firm handshake becomes your trademark in introducing yourself to new and/or potential mentors or friends.

Above all the reminders, I am thankful to God because I had a dad who supports and motivates me, a dad even if I am already married eager to fetch me or give me a ride to work, still loves to buy me watch, help us fix our lights and wirings, play with my son, catching up anf having our favorite Sunday lunch and always a sweet and loving dad!


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