Travel Tales: Nature Trip at Singapore Zoo

As I continue to provide details on our 2016 Singapore trip, one of our unforgettable experiences is in Singapore Zoo. Among all the other places of interest, Singapore Zoo is one of my son’s favorite places that we visited. Singapore Zoo is one of the most popular tourist attractions along with Jurong Bird Park, River Safari and Night Safari. For my son’s birthday, we decided to bring him to the zoo and have fun on his special day by meeting all the animals he saw on the books and TV. And I guess I was right on hunch to bring him in the zoo because I believe he will have a best time of his life. Even after our trip, he keeps on telling stories to his grandparents and friends on his trip to the zoo and all the animals he met and saw.

Based on the Wildlife Reserve website, Singapore Zoo occupies 28 hectares (69 acres) on the margins of Upper Seletar Reservoir within Singapore’s heavily forested central catchment area. The zoo was built at a cost of S$9 million granted by the government of Singapore and opened on 27 June 1973. It is operated by Wildlife Reserves Singapore, who also manages the neighboring Night SafariRiver Safari and the Jurong BirdPark. There are about 315 species of animal in the zoo, of which some 16 percent are considered to be threatened species. The zoo attracts 1.7 million visitors each year.


Getting there was quite far from our place of stay. We used the Singapore’s MRT and almost stopped at all train stations across Singapore. It took us at least an hour and a half to reach the nearest station to go to the zoo. We alighted at Woodlands Station and traverse the Causeway Mall to find a taxi that will bring us to Singapore Zoo. We paid 10 SGD for the trip and then went inside to avail the tickets. After getting our tickets our journey and experience with Singapore Zoo starts.


Upon getting inside we were able to meet monkey hanging from the tree and otters rolling around the pond. My son was so excited seeing the animals. The zoo also uses hidden barriers and natural enclosures that you feel that the animals are in open display. There are hidden barriers with grass, moats and glass enclosure. Another feature of the zoo that I love is that it is well-maintained and has many animal species on display. I had to admit, I’ve been to different zoos before in the Philippines but seeing a lot of animals that I only used to see on Internet and books are a surreal experience. It was my first time to see these animals:


Polar Bear






White Tiger

Tree Kangaroo

Big Tortoise




Wild Dogs



Plougshare Tortoise


Pygmy Hippopotamus




Komodo Dragon





Aside from animal display, my family and I watched two animal shows which feature the Asian Elephants and Nature Conservation which is very appealing and enjoyable with kids. My son was in awe seeing elephants at work and showing off their skills and the different types of animals which shows their different talent and skills while educating people the importance of wildlife conservation and taking care of nature. The schedule of the shows is being listed in the Singapore Zoo pamphlet they distribute to the visitors.

Another highlight of our trip is that we let our son experience feeding of the animals. We fall in line with Giraffe Feeding activity so that we would be able to meet the giraffe up close and personally feed it. You have to pay 5 SGD to avail the giraffe’s foods which consist of sweet potato and carrots. My son was so excited and happy seeing the giraffe first hand and able to experience the feeding. After our feeding, he wouldn’t stop talking about it. We also availed the free tram rides in the zoo because the zoo is so large and would take more time to walk all the places of interest. We even used the map to check if we already covered all the animals we wanted to see. It took us a day to visit the zoo and I must admit that it is tiring to roam around and check out all places. During the last leg of our visit in the zoo, we already availed the tram rides because our feet were already sore from whole day of walking. The experience of Singapore Zoo was a memorable, fun and one of a kind experience for our family. It made me realized that it was a good decision to spend my son’s special day in the zoo because it was one of his memorable trips.

What I Love Singapore Zoo

  1. It is clean and well-maintained.
  2. Though the place is quite far to city centre, it is accessible to all types of transportation. There are also buses that offer trips to the zoo and you need to check the schedule of departure and location. In addition it is also near within Woodlands MRT and getting a taxi going to and from the zoo is not a problem.
  3. It was fun experience seeing animals for the first time. (Hello white tiger and polar bear)
  4. I love their animal shows. Everyone will enjoy their shows especially the kids
  5. The zoo offers knowledge on animals and encourages everyone to protect the wildlife
  6. The 2.50 SGD chicken legs sold at their food kiosks. (It was a quick and delicious snack). You can also bring your packed lunch. Restaurants lines and tables tend to be full during lunch hours so it is also best to bring packed lunch – just ensure that you clean the place after eating.
  7. The ticket kiosks for online reservation. It was an automated machine which produces your tickets in an instant
  8. The zoo is managed by Wildlife Reserves and has the support of Government of Singapore. I loved the fact that Singapore Government is taking part in conserving wildlife and each animal is adopted by different organizations and companies across Singapore. (It reminds me of Philippine Eagle Conservation Center in Davao City)
  9. It exceeded my expectation. I had to admit my zoo experiences in the Philippines were very far from what I’ve seen in Singapore. I wish our country would also improve and upgrade Manila Zoo in the Philippines because I’ve seen how Singapore ensure that even though they are progressing economically, they are also taking an active role on promoting wildlife and nature conservation. Plus, it is very educational to see the animals up-close and learn about their habitat.
  10. I also had a good time with the giraffe feeding session with my son.


Tips while visiting Singapore Zoo

  1. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. While our visit is not too hot on a November day, it is still best advised to dress comfortably. Also wear shoes or slippers that will provide comfort because most of your visit will be walking around the area.
  2. Reserve tickets via online website. When you get via online website, you have complimentary tram rides during your visit. The complimentary tram ride saved us at least 45 SGD because each times your ride a tram you need to pay 5 SGD for each person. We tried the tram rides three times and it saved us time from walking and the money we saved was used for our lunch.
  3. Bring insect repellants. Make sure you apply insect repellant lotion and stickers especially to your kids prior to going to the zoo.
  4. Bring water and light snacks. Strolling across the zoo can be very tiring especially to your little ones so it is best to have a quick drink and light snack especially on peak hours on restaurants.
  5. It is best to go there early so you may be able to see the whole zoo and shows offered. The zoo opens as early as 8:00 AM.
  6. Bring extra shirts or clothes during your visit. You may want to change your clothes after a whole day of strolling at the zoo
  7. Time your visit. Check out the shows and feeding schedule in the pamphlet. It is fun to experience the animal shows and animal feeding. (That is why it is better to arrive at the zoo early in the morning)
  8. Enjoy the day!
  9. If you have toddlers or pre-school kids, it is advisable to bring strollers in the zoo for convenience. There are also available strollers for rent but you need to shell out few Singapore dollars to avail it. The strollers for rent are first come first serve basis. So it is best to bring your trusty strollers with you.

Our Singapore Zoo is one big memorable experience for us!

Andy Speaks: Reason, Season and Lifetime

One of the things I love during my breaks is reading quotes and mantras. I came across this very interesting blog because of this poem that really makes sense. Looking back on my younger years, sometimes there is a lingering doubt on trusting people and when to let go when things did not work out. Later on in life, I realized that people come, go, change, grow and leave. This poem is a good leverage for us to realize that nothing is permanent in the world and we should be grateful that God gave us people who will stay with us for a lifetime, people who came and left for a reason and people who stay for a season to teach us important lessons in life.


Reason, Season, or Lifetime

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.
When you figure out which one it is,
you will know what to do for each person.


When someone is in your life for a REASON,
it is usually to meet a need you have expressed.
They have come to assist you through a difficulty;
to provide you with guidance and support;
to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually.
They may seem like a godsend, and they are.
They are there for the reason you need them to be.


Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time,
this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end.
Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away.
Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand.
What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled; their work is done.
The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.


Some people come into your life for a SEASON,
because your turn has come to share, grow or learn.
They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh.
They may teach you something you have never done.
They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy.
Believe it. It is real. But only for a season.


LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons;
things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation.
Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person,
and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life.
It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

— Unknown



How about you? Are you a reason, a season or a lifetime for someone’s happiness and life journey?

Andy Speaks: Reminders from Dad

Fathers are special creatures. They are considered the very foundation of our home and the leader of the family. There are lots of commercials and advertisings that will remind of this special day and why our fathers are the superheroes of our lives. Some of the commercials are funny and heart-warming and above all I can truly relate to some of the clips. But what makes Father’s Day special to me is that I am glad and blessed to have a father who is our source of strength and inspiration in our lives. He was a great provider to our family and a loving spouse to my mother. When I had a family of my own, I did truly appreciate to have a wonderful father growing up because he instilled discipline and lessons that defines who I am today.
Just in time for this special day, allow me to share some of the wonderful reminders from my dad:

Be Nice and Courteous

My dad used to work in a multinational company for twenty years. In all of those years, family outings and get-togethers were being organized in their company to promote camaraderie among employees and their family members. Most of his colleagues became our family friends. Every time we attend these family outings, my father always remind us to be nice and courteous to his work mates and their family members. He never forgets to remind us to use “Po” and “Opo” and behave nicely. Even during the time I am already working, he keeps on reminding me the value of being nice to everyone. What he means about being nice to “Everyone”, includes managers, boss, co-workers, janitors, security guards and other office personnel. My dad always says that you will never know when you will need someone’s help so it really pays to be nice and courteous all the time

Save, Save, Save!

One of my favorite lines from my father is “Piso nalang ang kalabaw, hindi ka pa makabili dahil wala ka naipon”. My mom and dad always remind me to save up for the rainy days especially during the time that I started working. During my single days, my parents knew that I have an impulsive habit to buy clothes, shoes, bags and then later on splurge on travels. All through the years, they keep on reminding me the value of saving during rainy days because you will never know what will happen when you are dire need of money during life’s emergencies. And now that I have a family of my own, having a savings is really a must. Throughout the years, my parents’ advice to save came in handy especially in times of sickness, retrenchment and emergencies.

Dress for Success

My mother used to say that my dad has a fine taste for clothing for someone who loves simple and classic clothes. When I started working he keep on reminding me to dress up nicely and wear something appropriate so that it show and impose respect by how you look professionally. He always reminds me to choose classic pieces and accessories. He says that for a person who is working in a corporate field, a woman should be dressed tastefully and elegant. He keeps on reminding me that dressing nicely has an impact with managers and colleagues. It is one of the lessons I carry on till now. One of my unforgettable moments with my father was when I invited them in my former office for a vaccination schedule. My family went all the way to Libis and meets me at our office lobby. My father was used on seeing me with my tattered pajamas and my bird’s nest hair at home, so when then met me at the lobby, he did a double take on my look. That time I was wearing black blazer, black slacks, white shirt and black stiletto high heels. My mom told me later on, that when my father saw me in our office, made his heart swelled with pride not only because of my professional look but also seeing his daughter working in a corporate office.

All People Bled Same Blood – Never Feel Inferior with Others

My father used to tell me that never to feel insecure or inferior to others. All people bled the same blood and all people have different strengths and weaknesses. Never allow other people to make you feel less of a human. One of the things I always I appreciate with my father is that he never compare us to other kids or other cousins. He always says that there is no joy in comparing ourselves to others and try to see the best in ourselves. Growing up, these words increase my self-esteem and confidence in facing different challenges when dealing with other people.

There are Blessings / Opportunities in Failures
My father used to tell me that “Failures are often blessing in disguise” and it was indeed true. I have experience different failures in life and at times even moments of sadness but having a father who cheers you up and keeps you good spirit somehow makes the difference. This is one of my treasured words of wisdom from my father, it did encourage to me try and persevere. No matter how hard the path towards your goal and dreams, the Lord will always guide us towards our right direction.

Travel (Travel the World if possible)
When I was a little kid, I love riding the ships and airplanes going to our province. I love watching the sunrise, sunset and the deep blue waters of the sea. I love asking my dad a lot of questions about how ships work, where our ship / airplane is heading, what are those abbreviations found in the airport / ship tickets and a lot more. My dad patiently explains each and every answer to my questions. He does not mind if I go exploring the whole ship or observe the airplane from my window seat. My father encourages me to travel and discover places (if time and budget permits and if and only if I have enough savings to cover for my travel and emergency fund). He said that there is a difference kind of rush in travelling and it was a surreal experience because one day you were just watching it from the Travel Channel and then later on you will see yourself walking around the famous landmarks or places. Travel also helps you learn a lot about culture, communication and history which helps you to become more open minded and conscious at the ways of the world.

I also used to remember during the time when I was asking for permission to fly out of the country. At first my dad would not allow me to do it because I am on my own, but I told him that it was him who encouraged us to travel. After all the discussion of pros and cons of travelling, he relented, told me to take good care of myself and even asked my mom to give a little shopping allowance in case I wanted to buy something in Singapore. Eventually I fly to Singapore, had the best time of my life and learn to appreciate life’s different kinds of journey.

Invest in Sturdy and Lasting Items

My father always reminds me not to buy impulsively and save up for an investment worthy pieces. Be it a house, car, clothes, a piece of jewelry, furniture and appliances. He told me that sturdy and quality branded items last longer compared to cheap and short term use finds. He also tells me to plan for things to buy or home improvement needed to ensure that the budget will cover everything and will not end up in a less than satisfactory results. I also appreciate that since he knows about home planning and improvement, he was the one who helped us in layout and planning of our house. With his help, we were able to achieve our initial plans for our house layout and made it livable for our family.

No Self Respecting Woman will go After a Man who Has No Integrity

My father always reminding me about valuing myself while in a relationship, he also tells me that when a guy has a good intention in a woman, the guy will do the pursuing and wooing; not the other way around. He also tells me that when a man fell astray it is no use to go after him just to preserve the relationship. And never ever be the woman who steals someone’s husband or become a mistress. Hard as it may sound and quite old-fashioned, but seem true to me. I guess my father like any fathers would want to see his daughter being treated nice and fair.

Education and Knowledge is very important

My dad values education and knowledge very much. He was the one who struggled to ensure that I will finish college even if it means losing his entire company package so that I would be a able to get a good education. Though during our tough times while I was studying I even volunteered to apply as a service crew or student assistant so that I would be able to finance some of my college tuition, my father vehemently denied my suggestion. For him, it is more important to see me graduate and get a degree. He insists that he is the provider in our house and will do in all his power to sustain my education. His only request for me is that I study hard and provide good grades so that I would be able to finish my degree earlier. I did not disappoint my father when my grade slips arrive in our house and graduated less than four years. When I am already working, he encouraged me to take trainings and graduate studies to fortify my career.

Never Use the Excuse that you are a Woman

My father raised us up to be firm and tough. He taught us how to fix things in the house (he is our handyman), how to plan and manage resources. He always reminds us that being a woman is not an excuse to perform certain things that a man can only do. Every time he fixes or improves stuff in our house, he let us watch and sometimes ask for assistance. This way, we know how to perform simple fixes around the house. In addition, my dad teaches us the value of planning and problem solving. And always believe that we will make a difference and be someone in our chosen field.

Value your spouse.
My father showed us what love is all about. It is unconditional and timeless. Despite the distance and disagreements, your spouse is your greatest partner and companion in life. In thirty years of my existence, I saw how my father appreciates my mother and his devotion to us. I never saw my father lift a hand to my mom or even saw them argue. My mother explained to me that just like any normal couple, they also had disagreements and misunderstandings but they never showed it to us because they want to instill in relationships that respect and love is very important. Sometimes we see them tease and banter each other but at the end of the day, my parents’ relationship is one for keeps.

Value your Real Friends
My father always taught me the value of friendship and always reminds me to treasure the friends I had in my life. He always says that having lifelong friends is a blessing and treasure. He also says to choose your friends wisely and carefully. Do not take your friends for granted and be there for them not only in times of fun but also in need. He always reminds me to choose well on who we should keep as friends.

Know where you are going (and returning)

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite activities to do with my father is looking and discovering directions. When I was growing up, it was instilled to me to observe and take note of the landmarks when going to a new place and learn how to return from your point of origin. My dad always reminds me to take note of my surroundings and landmarks. Up until in adulthood, not only I became an observer for directions and landmarks in places I visit but I also applied this with my goal setting direction. Always have an escape plan in case things don’t go the way we planned. Sometimes my hubby teases me for being paranoid but I told him that it make sense to be careful and observant. This trait was also the reason why I love travelling and discovering new places because I love looking for landmarks and doing observations in different locations.

Have a timeline for your dreams and goals.

One of the things that my dad always reminds me of is setting a timeline for all your dreams and goals. He told me that dreams will be dreams and goals will be just goals if we don’t put a timeline that will motivate me to start performing and executing my goals. Having a timeline set, you will be able to determine where you are, what are the things you still need to do and how long will it take you to reach your goal.

Give a Firm Handshake

My father always reminds me that nothing speaks of professionalism when you give a firm hand shake. It signifies commitment and respect. I used to remember that my dad and I would practice doing handshakes. Later on in life, I find it very useful especially when dealing with different colleagues in the corporate world and meeting new people. A firm handshake becomes your trademark in introducing yourself to new and/or potential mentors or friends.

Above all the reminders, I am thankful to God because I had a dad who supports and motivates me, a dad even if I am already married eager to fetch me or give me a ride to work, still loves to buy me watch, help us fix our lights and wirings, play with my son, catching up anf having our favorite Sunday lunch and always a sweet and loving dad!

Andy Speaks: Desiderata




gerund or present participle: comparing

1.estimate, measure, or note the similarity or dissimilarity between.

“individual schools compared their facilities with those of others in the area


form the comparative and superlative degrees of (an adjective or an adverb).

“words of one syllable are usually compared by “-er” and “-est.””

The word compare is a vast and meaningful word when used. It is used to measure and/or note similarities and dissimilarities across different things, people and events. But how could this one simple word can destroy our plans and goals if we are not careful? When we were young we experienced being compared with our siblings, when we were students we were compared to our contemporaries and see if we can fare well in academics and school activities, when we started working, we were compared to our peers and colleagues to see how we measure up to the standard performance evaluation of the organization and when we had our own family we compare ourselves how are we doing in terms of parenting, career and achievements with contemporaries. Isn’t it a bit taxing that right from the start we were being compared to different people at different events and ages of our lives? And now that social media had become a norm in our daily lives comparison becomes an unending habit. How many times do we check the update of our friends and relatives in social media having a glimpse of their semi-charmed life? Did we ever talk to ourselves wishing the images that we are seeing are us? Sometimes we cannot avoid the envious feeling while browsing endless newsfeed in Facebook and Instagram. It stirs anxious thoughts, why it wasn’t me? You know deep in your heart you are capable of achieving and doing the things you see in the social media.

Then the competitive spirit sinks in. You know you were raised to be competitive and you will do at whatever cost it will take to prove that you are not lagging behind based on the things you see. You try your best to fit in, you try your best to have the best holiday, you try your best to prove you were a good parents to your kid and you try your best to look happy while deep inside your thoughts and jealousy is slowly eating you up. Most of us yearn for approval and validation. It is inherent to our core being. Seeing endless images of happiness, travels, relationship goals, children, family and achievements makes us think big about ourselves. Even if we had a grand plan for ourselves drags us down because of we feel like what we are exerting is inadequate. Our insecurities and frustrations that stem when we are still young becomes more powerful because we are set to prove to the world that we are at par and can do the things other people can do. There is nothing wrong with dreaming, planning and goal setting. Success tastes good when we ticked off our dreams and goals.

Dreams and goals are meant to be fulfilled. But always remember, God always know our perfect time. Not everyone can do activities and things at the same time. That is why life is called a journey. Not everyone who is trudging the road goes into a straight path. The path towards success can be murky, muddy, dark, ominous, rocky and sometimes risky. Our happiness lies on simple things and not on luxuries. Our happiness and success will all come together if we learn to focus on our choices and do things the right way. Throw away the jealousy and envy; walk straight through the path where you are headed. Not all people go to one destination. Our world is vast and full of places to see and enjoy. Find your niche and where your passion lies. Not all people arrived at one destination. Look at crossroads as pathway to learning. Comparing is never an answer nor the day to day glimpse of other people’s lives in social media. Our life is our choice and our choice depends on how we trudge our own journey. Always pray and wait for God’s perfect time and learn to understand what “Desiderata” is all about. It is a great reminder for us to be grounded and focus on the things that matter most to us.

When times get too tough and a simple reminder will do, just read this beautiful poem….


P.S. This poem is a personal favorite of mine, it keeps me grounded and sane when all craziness and chaotic thoughts try to dug deep in my psyche.

Travel Tales: Saturday in Singapore – Culture Tour and Museum Hopping

On my earlier posts last December 2016, our Singapore itineraries were planned according to the places of interests around Singapore. Due to my limited time during my first visit, I wasn’t able to drop by in their museums. My good friend Yani, recommended it to me during our 2011 meet-up. As much as I love history, I also loved seeing artworks and visiting museums. In some of our local trips, it is impossible not to visit one museum around the area. I always love the history behind the pictures and artworks. I wanted to understand the sculpture and media being used and what purpose or meaning it serves. On our trip to Singapore, I did request to my husband that we allocate one whole day of exploring Singapore museums. There are six National museums in Singapore and supported by Singapore Government. These are:

  • 8Q SAM
  • Singapore Art Museum (SAM)
  • National Gallery of Singapore
  • National Museum of Singapore
  • Asian Civilization Museum (ACM)
  • Peranakan Museum

Aside from these major museums, there are other museums across different locations in Singapore and not to mention the heritage centers which also features the culture and local people of Singapore. To be honest, I thought that allocating one whole day for the museum hopping, we would be able to cover the six National Museums. I guess I underestimate the time will be spent because one whole day is not enough to explore and see the interesting artworks and learning about the diverse and inspiring culture of Singapore. We were only able to cover half of national museums which are:

  1. Singapore Art Museum (SAM) – Singapore Art Museum is a contemporary art museum which showcases on arts in Singapore and neighboring Southeast Asia countries. When we visited the museum, we were also able to experience and see the Singapore Biennale 2016. The Singapore Biennale features the contemporary artworks of more than 60 artists across Southeast Asia. What is also a revelation to us during our visit is that they featured some of the Filipino artists and their works. The exhibition runs from Oct 2016 to February 2017. The Singapore Biennale 2016 is titled “Atlas of Mirrors” and the fifth exhibition to date. We were lucky to visit the exhibition and happy to see our very own local artists thriving in the international scene. Our tour in Singapore Art Museum was one of the kind because it is not the usual gallery with paintings and artworks hung on the museum. Artists used different media to convey their message and story behind each contemporary artwork. Artists used music, space, local materials, stones, paints and lights to tell stories. In short, you need to expand and explore your thoughts to understand the artworks being featured in each room. I also learned that the Singapore Biennale is also collaborates with our fellow Filipino art curators. One of the highlight in our visit was seeing an artwork produced by a fellow Filipino in the museum’s courtyard. Singapore Art Museum is also accessible via MRT because it is location right next to Bras Basah station. Plus it is near with Food Republic and Tim Ho Wan restaurant in a few minutes’ walk. You can start your museum tour with SAM because it is near MRT and accessible to different food centers.
  1. Peranakan Museum – Peranakan Museum is one of a kind museum. This museum features wide collection of artifacts which depicts Peranakan culture. Peranakans are Chinese immigrants who settled on Malay Archipelago which includes Singapore. The artifacts and wares inside the museum are richly influenced and depict the interesting culture and traditions of Peranakan settlers. The building is a sister museum of Asian Civilization Museum which showcases everything about the diverse culture of South East Asian countries. The museum also boasts the world’s most distinctive collection of Peranakan culture. The building is located in Armenian Street near Singapore’s City Hall and you will pass by interesting houses along the way (which I took a picture).
  1. National Museum of Singapore – The National Museum of Singapore is one of the oldest museums in Singapore. It was known before as Singapore History Museum. Of the three museums we visited, this is where we spend our late afternoon exploring and learning about how Singapore started and their journey on being one of the most progressive countries in the world. Since I am an avid reader of world histories, I am quite amazed how Singapore was established. I am also happy to learn more about their beloved leader Lee Kwan Yew and his famous speeches which made me appreciate more of what Singapore is today. Hubby and I scour the different galleries that depict the start; the struggles and their journey towards success of making a little nation become one of the richest countries in the world. I also loved one of the galleries dedicated on the education and childhood experiences of Singaporean kids because they highly valued education and believes in equipping quality education means success of their people. At an early age, Singaporean kids are taught to read early and appreciate books. Teachers and parents encourage children to read. It made an impact to me to encourage my son to love and appreciate reading. I love the façade of the building and it was sitting right beside the Fort Canning Park in Stamford Street. Hubby and I planned to drop by at the park but due to time constraints, we forego the idea and head towards Esplanade to meet my dear friend.

All in all, we had a great time spending with Singapore’s National Museums. We learned about the culture and tradition of Singaporeans and been able to witness one of their Singapore Biennale. If you are planning your itineraries in Singapore and will be staying for a week, try to visit their museums. The buildings are well-maintained and taken care of. Plus if you plan to visit a lot of museum better get the Singapore Museum pass to avail discounts on their entrance fee.

If given a chance again to go back to Singapore, I would also love to drop by in these museums:

  • National Gallery Singapore
  • Singapore Philatelic Museum (just a few minute walk from Peranakan Museum)
  • Asian Civilization Museum
  • Singaport MINT Museum (A Toy Museum)
  • Chinatown Heritage Centre
  • Art and Science Museum in Marina Bay Sands (My husband and son will really loved it)

Tips on Singapore Hopping in Museum:

  1. Time your visit. Singapore National Museums held exhibition and festivals. You may check on their website on the dates of their exhibition. Due to time constraints we were only able to cover three museums. If you have lots of time to spend in Singapore, you will also enjoy visiting their museums. Most of their national museums are near with each other and you need to have lots of energy and one pair of strong feet because there will be lots of walking and sight seeing to do.
  2. If you are on a budget constraints, check out the promo dates and schedules for free viewing of the galleries and museums. Some museums offer free entrance on Fridays or late at night prior to closing. Best to check again their websites and announcement
  3. Be mindful of museum etiquette and ask if photography is allowed. Some museums do not want flash photography or do not allow any cameras at all. So it’s best to ask around with the guides hovering around galleries.
  4. If you are planning to visit a lot of museums best to get the museum pass. Most of the museums have entrance fee and if you are planning to visit more than one museum get the pass to avail discounts.
  5. If you are with kids, make sure to bring water and little snacks. Museum hopping can also be tiring!

Andy Speaks: Amazing Women Part 2 – Small Dreams, Big Friendship

I know I am a bit late for my series of tribute to the significant women for the International Women’s Month. Please bear with me for I have been very busy lately. I don’t know how I manage but by the grace of God I can still keep up. I don’t know how I can juggle being a wife, a parent, a working mom and a church volunteer but somehow there is a sure strength from God.

In addition to my series, I would never go far in searching for amazing women. I would like to include my high school friends who had been with me for the longest time. Looking back at how we started I thank God for giving me such a wonderful blessing called my high school best friends.

It all happened during the last year of our high school. It was our orientation when I found out from the official school list that I was moved from a different section. Moving from another section means, goodbye to my group of friends (who I’ve been friends with the longest time in high school) and goodbye to my crush (Haha!). I feel so rotten being transferred to another section. During those days I feel like I’ve been sentenced to be exiled at St. Helena. After the orientation, I went home and I cried my heart out in my room. For a fifteen year old during those times, I felt defeated and miserable. I was already racking up on thoughts and fears about adjusting again and fitting in with my new classmates. When my father found out that I have locked myself in my room and was crying the whole day, he talked and coaxed me that life must move on. He did not laugh nor scold me for my misery. Instead, my father encouraged me not to feel defeated but think of the “failure” as a blessing of disguise. He even told me that I might find a new set of friends and God has a better plan for me. Little did I know, my father has a way of predicting good things to come and it had happened.

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During our first day of class, I feel rotten about my transfer but I attended my classes. There I met my “classmates” that were also moved in our section – Lyn, Isabel, Grace and Riza. We knew each other because were all classmates since second year high school but we have different set of friends. Adjusting to new section was bearable because we were familiar with each other. After that, we became buddies in our class. We began sitting together and hanging out during breaks and recess periods. In our group, I knew Lyn longer from the rest of our friends because we were classmates since elementary days. Gradually, I learn how to accept my fate in my newly assigned section. As time goes by, we became close to each other and our group was formed. We were inseparable during assignments, projects, PE classes, exam periods and even during lunch. At school we love to hang out at our favorite bench under the mango tree beside our library. After school we love to hang out at Lyn’s house because it was a few minutes walk near our school. At Lyn’s house, we love to talk, cook and watch movies until late in the afternoon. Aside from hanging out we also love exchanging stationary letters, calling each other on the phone, and strolling at Pavillion Mall for Goodwill bookstore and Olivarez Plaza for National Bookstore. At the mall, we would spend hours walking, eating snacks or just sitting in the bookstore aisle reading books.

When I thought my last year in high school was a failure, it was all soon became a blessing. School activities and classes became bearable with my friends. We watch and support each other’s back. I used to remember we all have different crushes but we did not mind not having any boyfriends or going into a relationship because we enjoy each other’s company. For us life was easy and simple because we enjoy our friendship and we even planned to go to same college if our selected degrees are available.

One of my memorable talk with my friends was when we visited Saint Claire Chapel to pray that we will passed our National Secondary Achievement Test (NSAT). It was three months before graduation from high school. While seating in one of the chapel’s bench, we were discussing our dreams and plans for the future. Isabel or Mommy Bhey as we fondly call her, shared that her dream was to travel to different places in the Philippines and nearby countries. Lyn and I agreed too that it was also our dream to travel. That afternoon, we agreed that when we finished our studies in college and had our careers, we will travel the Philippines together. During that time, we didn’t even knew if those dreams will come true but we were hoping for the best.

As our friendship tread through college, got our degree and even had our careers, Mommy Bhey and I worked together in our first job, while Lyn decided to go full time in their family business. We still manage to see each other and catch up. It was our yearly tradition to visit Lyn in their restaurant at Tagaytay and have a good laugh at our experiences in our job and share different stories in life. When things get rough or each of us just wanted to breath or relax, we text or call each other just to talk or sit together doing nothing. When we have enough money to travel, our meet-ups became an out of town trip to relax and have fun. Lyn’s spontaneous call would result in an unexpected booking of flights, spur of the moment road trips, overnight at different places and sleepovers. Our families were so familiar with our group that sometimes we don’t bother to ask permission anymore because we established trust with our parents. We also grew close with each other’s relatives because we get to see and meet them during special events and celebrations.


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What I always loved and appreciated in our friendship that it stood through test of times. We support each other dreams and happy for one’s achievement. Our characters and personality blended perfectly well. We never compete and compare with each other but rather we support each other’s back. When someone experiences heart break or loss, we cry together. When we feel happy and giddy, we laugh and dance together. When someone got tripped, we laugh at her (haha! Just kidding!). When we feel like eating out till our tummies hurts, we just go anywhere to satisfy our cravings. When we feel we just want a break, we go together wherever our feet brought us. We support each other’s life events. We never hide or sugarcoat our opinions to each other and knew each other well to feel that something is amiss or wrong. We knew each other’s quirks and temper. During our younger years when we were dating or going out with someone, we were so comfortable with our friendship that we share the details of our observation and opinion about the person our friend is dating. We always have no-holds barred conversation and we knew each other’s preference and taste. We know how a certain situation or things that made us go ballistic. In short, we were sisters who will always be there for each other no matter what time and event is coming.

As I wrapped up this entry, I am always and forever grateful for meeting and having such good friends from high school. Since our friendship has been growing including our dear Fourth Year High School adviser, our husbands and kids, it was our ultimate dream to have an out of town getaway / get together. I know by God’s grace, we will be having one. Looking back our little girl’s dream became a reality and happy for the experiences we share in bonded across different islands in the Philippines. Our small talks became an inspiration for us to do better and reach for our small dreams. My friends are such an amazing women and inspiration in my life!


Snapshot of our friendship. Some of our most memorable trips…

Andy Speaks: Amazing Women Part 1 – What It Takes to be a Fulfilled Mothers?

The moment your child enter this world, you know your life is forever changed. Changed in a such a way that you know that future is brighter being blessed by good Lord to have a child. One of my favorite Miss Universe winning answer was from Susmita Sen in which she says, “The essence of a woman is God’s gift that all of us must appreciate. The origin of the child is a mother and is a woman. She shows a man what is sharing, caring, loving is all about”, which for me epitomizes the importance of motherhood and being a woman.


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As promised and in continuation of the month-long celebration of the International Women’s month, I will be posting series of ways to appreciate and honor women. And who would be at the top of my list? Of course, it is us moms! This topic is close to me and I can relate a lot because I am a mother too. There is an unexplained and myriad of feelings once you became a mother and you bond with your fellow moms. Your life will instantly change knowing you have a child inside you. And I would say that being a mother is one of the bravest thing women can do in her life.

Motherhood is a journey. Every mother has a unique journey in management of family, raising a child and being an amazing wife. One of the great things being a mother is being surrounded by group of mommy-friends which you can ask, share, and talk about the joys, challenges and highlights of motherhood.

I am happy to share about these two women who is not only amazing moms but also an inspiration to continue pursuing their dreams and passion. These women were my friends from our discipleship group from CCF a.k.a our sanity friends circle. Aside from being mothers and entrepreneurs, they are also the ones who help in building the church and its ministries. Our discipleship group helped us grow in our relationship with our Lord and our group is also our support system. Sharing stories of joys, achievements, challenges and prayers enable me to realize a lot about being a mother, wife, friend and follower of Christ.

Without further ado, I am glad to present these two fulfilled mothers I personally knew. First is Viviene, who is a stay at home mom, mom-preneur, blogger/writer and founder of Fullfilled Women Community. She is also the author of these books: From Depressed to Determined and 7 Things Every Wife Should Know. In addition, she manages their household, runs her online business, takes good care of her cute toddler and currently waiting for their baby number two! How is that for a multitasking momma?

Another is Mico, who is also a stay at home mom, events host, blogger/writer, ministry leader at church and owner of Wife’s Tales page. Just like Viv, Mico’s schedule is always full because of her events hosting, managing their household, helping her husband Bryan with church’s ministries activities and homeschooling her son. You could really imagine how these two women squeeze their time in between their family, church ministries, their passions and their dreams.

Prior to posting of this series, I have sent questions both to Viviene and Mico regarding on their take to motherhood and how they see themselves today. Here are the questions:

How do you see yourself today, in the past and in the future?

Viviene: I used to be an insecure, scared to fail kind of woman but that has been changed today. God’s love for me is not based on how strong I am. Instead, I learned and am still learning to be dependent on Him. I pray that I will touch more women to live their lives to the fullest the way that God intended. I want to help them with that and that is the legacy I want to leave.

Mico: Today – I see that where I am in today is the God’s appointed season. Grateful for my adventure and misses in the past kasi I see that it helped me to be “happier”… like since I can no longer be spontaneous. Now, I am super thankful because in the past, I was able to be always on the go.

What are the challenges of being a stay at home mom?

Viviene: It is a daily and should I say moment by moment challenge. I know I cannot live motherhood successfully without God holding my hand. From a bossy toddler to a mountain of household chores, my life is full! Not to mention, I run two businesses. God is my help!

Mico: My challenges are: 1) Time management because anything goes. You can’t plan what will happen. I try to balance house cleaning, Risen, Byran, work (events) with no househelp. 2) The idea of being always at home. 3) Waiting for Bryan to come home 4) Raising and being an example to Risen always.

What are the rewards / achievements of stay at home moms?

Viviene: Seeing your child every day. No worries about what is happening to her because you are physically with your child on a daily basis. For a paranoid mom like me, I figure I can’t work outside the home for extended periods of time. Maybe someday, who knows? But not now.

Mico: 1) Being able to serve my family and raise Risen 2) Having time to do the things that I really want leisurely (grocery, cooking, staying in bed and work from home)

What I appreciate with Viviene and Mico (and the rest of our sanity group friends) is that each has different stories to tell and each has lessons to learn about different exchanges of experience on marriage, motherhood, parenting and relationship to God. When schedule permits us to bond together despite of our busy schedules and varied careers, we talk and share about our experiences and lessons learned. What I appreciate on this “catch ups” is that it helped me understand these things:

  1. There is no magic formula or shortcuts in motherhood and parenting. We all go through the different phases of learning and experiencing the joys and the challenges of motherhood.
  2. Prayers and quiet time with the Lord helps us to keep things in perspective and knowing oneself
  3. Stay at home moms and working moms need not to be compared side by side. Both mothers encounter challenges in motherhood, marriage and parenting. Each moms needs support of other moms.
  4. Nobody says that being a mother is an easy task. Having support groups with fellow mommies can make a difference.
  5. We are not only labeled as mothers. We are the manager of our household, the boss of our kids and achievers of our dreams. We are passionate at what we do. And above all we are the God’s children in His eyes.

Want to know more about our fulfilled mothers? Check out their personal pages to get a glimpse of their passions and favorite things to do!


Blog: Fulfilled Women:




Blog: All Mics Up

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Travel Tales: Our First Airbnb Experience in Singapore

Last year, hubby and I planned for our family’s first out of the country trip, we were looking for an affordable accommodation for our little family. Since hubby selected Singapore for our trip, the cost of living and accommodation can be expensive. To be able to maximize our trip and still have a budget in case we want to buy souvenirs and additional stuff. I start to scour online for an affordable hotel and/or accommodation. I even ask our friends based in Singapore if they knew someone who is renting out their place or knows an affordable hotel along the city centre. I came across Airbnb site which was also suggested by my cousin and friends who were based in Singapore.

Airbnb is the platform used by savvy travelers for home or room sharing across the world. It has been up for quite some time and I had to admit when I signed up and search for accommodation I get overwhelmed by number of properties it offers in Singapore. The cost of accommodation is a bit cheaper compared to staying in a hotel. Most travelers who tried Airbnb, that it is very different from the usual stay in a hotel and you feel the vibes of living like a local in a foreign place. It was our first time to try Airbnb and I must say that we were very satisfied (and happy too!).

Prior to our trip, I was scouring properties using Airbnb’s search and help tool. It is highly recommended that prior to reserving and looking for a property or room to rent out, make sure you read their FAQ and Help links to assist you in your reservation and take care of your online security. Once you read the FAQs, you start to search the platform for your desired space. You can search based on your travel dates, preferred location, costs and number of guests that will join you on your trip. What’s good about Airbnb is that when you search on your place of origin the cost are converted already in your currency. Another good feature of the platform is that you can decide the accommodation based on the guests feedback on the property. There is also a private messaging that you can use to inquire and ask questions on items that were not included in the property’s profile description.

We are only a small family, there are lots of affordable accommodation for us. We came across a condominium unit located in Kallang and I inquired with the host if the property is available on our desired dates and she replied after a few minutes. The condominium offers amenities such as children’s playground, garden pool, gym, small convenience store and even parking space (if you have car). The unit that we are eyeing we quite affordable because it was a shared unit. The listing offers a private room with private bathroom. It also offers breakfast. Our planned visit in Singapore is a full schedule with different itineraries each day, we only need a room to rest. After a few messaging with host, we reserved the room using credit card (it is the only available payment option for Philippines) and our host provided her contact numbers, address and direction going to their unit.

Upon arriving in Singapore, we use the MRT to go to Kallang via Stadium MRT Station and took our lunch at nearby Kallang Wave Mall for a quick fix of Singaporean dish. Our host was already waiting and told me that since she has errands later that day, we may proceed directly to their unit and her helper will accommodate us. We took a taxi at the mall because I was not familiar with the place plus we were too tired because of our very early morning flight.

The accommodation is just a short drive from the mall (according to our friendly taxi driver, you can reach it by walking), we were dropped at an affluent and upscale condominium building in Kallang. Hubby and I were a little bit confused with the tower and stack number but after a few minutes, we find the right unit. We called their intercom and their helper let us in the unit. The place is secured because outsiders are not allowed to enter the place if you don’t have a badge to tap in the door or someone inside who would open it for you.

When we arrived at the unit, it was a spacious three room apartment. The host’s helper ushered us in our room and provide us the keys and badge. The room was spacious and has a king sized bed as mentioned in the listing and pictures provided in Airbnb website. There are also welcome drinks, fruits and snacks waiting for us when we arrived, which for me is a nice touch and a nice gesture to welcome guests. While we unpack our stuff, the host arrived meeting us. Pals (our host) provided us a briefing and overview of their house rules. Her family has no problems with guests arriving late but we have to make sure that after 10:00 o’clock in the evening that it is already a quiet time and asked us on our preferred time when to serve our breakfast in the morning. She also provided us on their condominium amenities, showed us the private bathroom and the remote control for the air-conditioner and lights. After a quick chat and orientation, she left us in private so we can rest. The room was stacked with books for adults and kids (which I love). Their bookshelf also contain useful information on contact details for taxi, attraction guides and house rules. There is also a LED TV in case we want to watch and unwind in the room. There are also chairs which you can hang out near the big windows overlooking a garden and pool. Our unit is also a walking distance to a bus stop that drops you at the nearby Stadium MRT.

We stayed in the accommodation for four days and get to meet the rest of their family. Our host was a good one because not only they provided breakfast every morning (she even let us tried their Indian version of potato fritters – which is delicious) but also provided us local tips on the places we want wanted to see during our stay. My son also liked playing with our host’s daughter (they were of same age). Their family was very hospitable and accommodating, we feel like staying in a quiet and peaceful house. I was also touched that during my son’s birthday, our host and her family gave my son a present of Cadbury chocolate biscuits. Their helper was also nice and always smiling every time we arrive or preparing for our breakfast. In addition, even on our last day of stay, our host assisted us in getting a taxi before departing. The place is very quiet and peaceful. Going home every night is not a problem because the neighboring area is secured and safe. We also loved the place because it was near to Stadium MRT which is very accessible from city center and our planned itineraries. There is also a nearby mall (Kallang Wave Mall) and outdoor stadium (Singapore National Stadium), if you want to chill out at night before going home. We haven’t tried the swimming pool and gym (though we really wanted to use it) because we were out most of the time and arrived late at evenings so we are too tired to enjoy the condominium’s amenities.

Our overall stay in our first Airbnb was a memorable one. We deeply appreciate our host’s efforts in ensuring that we have a pleasant stay in their place and I get to learn about sharing a space with Singaporean local. Our family enjoyed interacting with a local and learning a lot of things in Singapore that you seldom find from checking in a hotel. It was a great experience for us plus we had fun in our Singapore trip. Given a chance to go back in Singapore, we would really love to try to book the place again and I must say in the future travels, we will always consider Airbnb for our accommodation for our local and international destinations.

Here are some of the snap shots of our Airbnb stay!

Quick Tips for First Time Airbnb Users:

  1. Do not skip on reading the FAQ and Help section of the website. The FAQs and Help section contains all useful information prior to reservation and payment of accommodation. There are few horror stories in Airbnb (though different country and locations), so being aware and knowledgeable is very important in using the platform
  2. Explore the platform before using and make sure you understand everything in the website.
  3. Always check the safety features of the accommodation. Read the review and listing carefully of the host. If you have prospect property check out the feedback and listings. Also ask the host via private messaging for some questions you have in the property.
  4. Communication is very important between host and guest to be able to familiarize yourselves. Assess how the host response to you and make sure you communicate nicely.
  5. In addition, when selecting a property, check out their cancellation policy first. There are hosts who have strict, moderate and flexible payment policies and you have to make sure that you are ok with their cancellation policy. Check Airbnb’s definition on their cancellation policies.
  6. Search each and every property in the site. Each listing has different features and selling points. Some properties can be rented as a whole house and others are shared rooms and/or houses. Always ask the host prior to reservation and payment.
  7. As a good guest, do not treat the property as a hotel where you have different staff at your beck and call. Be mindful of their tradition, culture and their house rules. Always make sure that you keep the room and/or house in order and tidy before leaving. Also as a sign of respect, unplug appliances when not in use. Be mindful of your manners as well and avoid being rowdy. Remember the golden rule, “Do not do unto others what you don’t want others do unto you”? Well that is how you treat your Airbnb property and host. Take care of the property as if it is your own. If you are not sure how to use an appliances or furniture, it does not hurt to ask or seek assistance from the host.
  8. Be mindful of your manners all the time and always respect their house rules. (I repeat)
  9. Just like a careful traveler, before you leave for vacation, inform your relatives or trusted friend the address of your accommodation and whereabouts as safety precaution. In addition, keep Airbnb’s contact hotline and email in case there are misunderstanding or glitches in your reservation so they can assist you in cancelling or looking for another accommodation.
  10. After your stay has ended and you are quite satisfied with the accommodation and host’s hospitality, provide a good review / feedback for the host. It never hurts to provide good reviews especially if you appreciate and enjoy your stay.

Hope my little tips helps for those who are considering Airbnb accommodation!


Ticked off!

Andy Speaks: Happy International Women’s Month!

International Women’s Day is annually held every March 8 and is a worldwide celebration and observance of women’s achievement throughout history. It is also known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace. It is on this month that we acknowledge the contributions women make not only in the family, classroom, community and workplace but also across the nation.

This year’s theme is #beingboldforchange. Based on history and our current position, women already came a long way fighting for rights and speaking their minds based on their principles. I, as a woman, I am quite thankful to be born at the time where women have rights and significant contributions in various fields. I am glad and proud that my parents honed me to be a better person and woman. Growing up, my parents taught me to know my rights and let me decide on which passions I wanted to pursue. I also appreciate the fact that my father encouraged and empowered us. My father never treated us as inferior and weaker gender. Instead, he taught us to be strong and driven. Now that I am a parent myself, I would really want to instill to my son the values of respecting women and appreciating their contribution to the society. I am also glad and thankful to have a husband who supports and encourages me in my endeavors and respects my beliefs and principles in life.

As we celebrate this empowering event, I would like to highlight and share in my page about the strong, compassionate, dedicated and lovable women I knew in my life. These will be a series of post which highlights about the stories of these beautiful women. They are my dear friends and also women who inspires and provides insights on what it takes to be a strong woman and compassionate at what they do. They have different stories which encompasses what it takes to be an amazing mother, an entrepreneur, career-woman, independent, free-spirited and dedicated daughters, loving wives, single ladies and God-fearing women.

Happy International Women’s Month to all my women friends!

Let us all be inspired in their stories as my series of posts will come up in a few days’ time. Keep reading!

Happiness Project: The Race

Last weekend I had the privileged to join SMDC Run for five kilometer run. Years ago, I love doing nightly runs at Bonifacio High Street (back when High Street was a quiet road and used by runners as a practice loop) and I used to run during weekends in our subdivision. Running was one of my go-to activities when I feel too stressed or frustrated.

My last run was 2013 for Philhealth’s three kilometer run with my husband and I even joined National Geographic run last 2011. After giving birth to my son and being busy at work, it would be really a blessing if I can find time to do my nightly ritual. Now that I am hitting my 30’s I noticed the “physical” signs that I must go back to my running and add up Yoga for my keeping fit goals this 2017. It was a great opportunity that our employer sponsored the SMDC run and we were eager to join as our chance to go back to running.


Going back to running after years of stopping created a different high. And this was my first time to run with my hubby for a five kilometer run. At the start of the race, the energy is high and people are getting excited. It was just a few minutes before the start of the race that we were able to congregate with our office mates who also joined the run. When the starting gun was heard, everyone was cheering as we all move forward at the start of the run. Once we started, I kept my pacing with my husband while our team mates were already ahead of us. In running, you don’t want to lose your momentum and energy by pushing your entire limit while you are still in the middle of run. At one and a half kilometers I know I am really running out of my breath. I don’t want to beat myself up so I just let my pacing wine down. Together, hubby and I just keep our paces within the sight of each other. Our focus is not to move fast but make sure we were able to finish the line with no injuries or any issue. I know running five kilometer is an easy feat for enthusiasts but I realized that since we were just getting back to running, five kilometer is a challenge. The run started at five in the morning and hubby and I finished the five kilometer race few minutes before six in the morning. Not bad for the time we spent running.


Together hand in hand, hubby and I traverse the finish line while our team mates were waiting in the finish line. I must admit, there must be a dozen people who already reached the finish line but the thought of starting something and you were able to finish it was such a good feeling. I can’t help but realized that most motivational speakers compared racing to actual life’s journey because there are so many lessons you can learn. Running teaches you about perseverance, motivation and goal. And I love having quick wins even for the smallest activities or plans I am doing. It made me feel happy and accomplished that I was able to run again. The best part is that even if it’s just a five kilometer run, we got medals upon reaching the finish line.


And I could not help but realized a lot of things why running can be associated with how we deal about our life’s journey…

  • Running is not without struggles. When you are planning to join a race, you must practice and persevere. Just like any other plans or goals in life, we must prepare and work hard to achieve it. Any pain inflicted by the race is the mark of how we were able to surpass and withstand them while competing. But take the time and enjoy the pace.
  • Do not compare yourself with others. Running is a competitive sport but you must not exhaust or kill yourself trying to surpass others. Take your time but do not get out of the race. Each of us has a “time” to shine. Focus on how you would be able to finish the goal. Just look ahead and do not mind others getting past to you. As long as you are in the race, keep on moving.
  • Just like in running, you will get better in life when you constantly practice and work hard. Try to set goals and keep your mind on finishing the race. It is better to slow your pace rather than exhaust yourself and quit. Our parents to remind us just keep on fighting and quitters never win.
  • Lastly, there is a great feeling of being able to finish the race. You make a big pat on the back for doing a great job. It doesn’t matter how you ranked or how long you were able to reach the line as long as you finish it. And throw out the things that weight you down. It feels good to run without looking after for things and stuff. Just like in life, it is good to keep up with our journey without the heavy burden of people and thoughts who weights us down.

Though I know our race isn’t too difficult… I always loved this quote.. “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations” So keep going in the race and have fun! (Or should I say more races ahead!)